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    Summer Fire Ii

    I started a server and played about 4 levels. No problems so far... Later I had to go somewhere and when I came back, the server is on Desert Speedtrap. I noticed the pipes don't get a chance to play the pipe sound completely if at all.
  2. syndony

    Red Alert 3

    I just got an email from EA saying I got a refund on my purchase due to "your request, the fulfiller's request, incorrect address, or a refused shipment" (none of which is accurate). RA3 is no longer on my EA download manager list. However, I was able to log in to Gamespy, though I didn't try to actually play a game. I also checked my credit card balance and the refund hasn't shown up there yet. Anyone else encounter something like this?
  3. syndony

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 Server

    Bad Company was great when you realized how to properly play on. Hiding in the bushes on that golf-course map with my gillie suit on and single-handedly defending a flag point without people knowing what the gently caress was going on was great fun. I also came across a few situations where, after moving about 300 yards to get away from someone who I'm sure had spotted me I stumble upon an enemy sniper that had been perched there for quite some time and neither of us were any the wiser. I always felt a sense of camaraderie when I stabbed him and when he stumbled upon me in a similar situation and did the same.
  4. syndony

    Red Alert 3: Upheaval

    Thank you for this. On one hand, I would have preferred to pay the company for their work, but on the other hand, EA has a terrible reputation for expansion packs. I still can't convince them that I own ones that I've bought.