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  1. Master Netra

    Mini Patch: Those With 5.0

    Looks dead here in 2013? Shame too, would of liked to see it at least fully done. I can't download mini-patch site claims I don't have permission to view it? Still have 5.0 though. Be nice to see the unique music in it released under a Creative Commons thing (Non-Commercial of course :P ). jamendo (com) would be a good place to for it. Edit: Another idea, could instead do a entire game around AR2? Could be open-source and could use warzone2100 and work off it.
  2. Master Netra

    What's Ar2's New Site?

    None of the old sites are valid anymore I was wondering where its at now? A while back I contributed a couple maps. Don't remember their names anymore was some odd years ago. but meh. Anywho yea, if someone could hook me up with the new site's address that would be awesome.