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  1. steunwiel

    Stop Complaining About The Ai

    :( I suck in Blitzkrieg dude, I ain't adding nobody ! (you add me - lenny39_45@hotmail.com)
  2. steunwiel

    Guess These Tanks

    I have no idea what the heck are you talking about,those are designed by soviet engineers and i saw a couple of them on the outskirts of moscow back at 1959 complete with 20mm auto cannons for anti-air use @killakanz I guest those are american or german AAP but can't tell what model is it or i might be wrong :P Stay of the Vodka mein kamerade
  3. steunwiel

    Back From "holidays"

    oh wauw, he's got 1500 posts... well kiddo, I had in a forum 4k (4,000 - Four THOUZAND o.O) posts with an avg of 35 posts a day, so really not impressive you are... tbh If you need some more post counts, let me know Thx for the other info btw
  4. steunwiel

    Stop Complaining About The Ai

    So why have I then installed my C&C Generals Zero Hour for? Geesj... lol :(
  5. steunwiel

    Stop Complaining About The Ai

    Yeah you guys are good in confuzing noobs like me, how do I set up a Skirmish game up where the AI actually does something? Like me (axis) vs 4x Hard Army Axis?
  6. Version 2.6.20 Blitzkrieg II "Can't execute the file correclty (0xc0000135). Click on OK to end the file." No clue what happened, I'm using Generals Zero Hour v1.04
  7. steunwiel

    Guess These Tanks

    Dudes, it's obviously a Panzer VIII "Bear" Ausf B (to be precise) Don't let the Russian Oldies on the tank scare you, they obviously captured the panzertank and start to learn how to ride them. It's clearly a German tank... Cookie? Prize?
  8. steunwiel

    Back From "holidays"

    Well I typed it with an enter in between the sentences... Will it work if I just use the big install (260 meggs orsumthing) ? And I'm an oldie ^^ Account #800 orsumthing... *Proud*
  9. steunwiel

    Guess These Tanks

    Panzer VIII "Bear" *duhheeee* Prize please?
  10. I don't know who still knows me, but I've actually been part of the Blitzkrieg I fanboys and Blitzkrieg II fanboys (shortly) Now I'm back after god knows homuch time, I have no clue what happened (as usual). What do I need to install the newest version of Blitzkrieg? I take it I need C&C Generals: Zero Hour, but what patch? 1.04 I take it? So just dl the mod, install it, and voila? Or is there a trick? Steuner (do you guys notice anything about my typing? There's something wrong o.O)
  11. steunwiel

    Your Own Nazy Rulership

    Me as Hitler...OK! Wierd idea still but here goes => 1. Invade Poland in 1939 September third; Check! 2. Invade other nations, besides Russia; Check! 3. Research everything like Sturmgewerh, Jetengines, better bombers, ... without having the Luftwaffe / Waffen-SS / Werhmacht / Kriegsmarine bitch about everything so step 4 is => 4. No Waffen-SS and we have Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine and Heer... And they should be LISTENING to me... not wining every 5 seconds 5. Attack Russia around March/April... When their best snow-defences are a gooner... 6. Russia would be in same panic as in Barbarossa BUT Germans would have like 3/4 more months to advance further to the Kremlin! 7. Capture Stalin and a lot of his generals 8. Take the war back to Britain in Afrika (cross the Kaukasus and take over the Middle east... 9. Order Rommel to, with his already recieved reinforcements and supplies, to attack Egypt and squish the Allies... 10. When Russia and Britain are slaughtererd ally theyself to Japan... (O yeah... NEVER (seriously) AND ALSO NEVER (I mean it, no joking) ally yourself to ITALY... Geesj they can't even shoot a wall if it was like 2 metres away (and I mean a big wall)) 11. Attack Spain, conquer Spain... Attack Portugal, conquer Portugal... Situation check: I have entire Europe... besides Iceland... Check! Have got Europe until the Ural 'n stuff... Check! Have captured Middle east... Check! Conquererd Britain aswell... Checkkkkkkk (o yeah see step 12 for that) 12. When attacking Britain... I'll use 4 times as much fighters and those fighters can stay in the air for lets say 40 minutes... (= 40 mins dogfighting) Also my bombers ONLY attack military stuff, no civilicle cities orsumthing... Only airfields, harbors, factories, farms (yeah for food supply 'n stuff)... 13. Attack with 500 U-bote, Bismarck + Tirpitz + Graf Spee the Americans 14. Invade Asia (which is easy as feck because they prolly never seen a tank before...) and take over entire Russia... 15. Invade Southern-America and take it... 16. Invade America 17. Invade Africa 18. Declare war on Japan and defeat them... 19. Hang on 20. Victoryyyyyyy Now we have a nice 20 - step victory way to win ! weeee :D
  12. steunwiel


    found it, thx buddy's
  13. steunwiel


    Why don't u guys make a Blitzkrieg 3/4 orsumthing with Rome Total War??
  14. steunwiel


    Ramy stop giving me that stupid use google site -_- I know this is blitzkrieg forums, and I tried google...But I isn't finding it?? Steuner
  15. steunwiel

    German Version Only?

    thx guys...^^ Steuner