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  1. Hello to everybody, I've never been a modder before, however having in the pocket some CG-graphics experience and a big idea, a while ago I begun constructing a mod, that will, by my hopes, say something new in the ocean of RTS games\mods: The storyline tells about about an alternated timeline, where the Cold War has ended in 1995 with massive victory not by the communists, not by the liberals, but by the revived and popular once again nationalist ideology. Th USA and USSR are no more. However the former Warsaw Pact hasn't vanished without traces: the now-independent Ukraine and Belorus with means of force have overthrown the weak and falling governments of Easter Europe, uniting the second European Union - the Intermarum (or Mezhdumorie in local language, meaning "The Land between the Seas"). The nationalistic West and the Slavic East lived together in a strained peace, until it became clear that the their common neighbor - Russia, may collapse. And that the natural resources of Europe are about to be depleted. What's more worse - Intermarum increased the agony by isolating the EU from any resource external resource supply. More tensions came when satellites have shown that Intermarum is building ten times more airfields than they need for maintaining their rusty old aircraft. This can show only one thing - that a third, unknown yet power is going to use Intermarum as an invasion platform to Europe. The Western Europe will wait no longer. The apparently dangerous regime of Kovalenko must fall under the threads of Panzer battalions. Some renders, if you'd like: Comments, opinions, critics, "wtf's" will be most valued ;) Proposal of help - even more. Thanks everybody for attention!
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    Dark Summer'96 Mod

    This is created with an intention to survive a little bit longer than a few months... so we make graphics for the future ;) (although it doesn't mean that we're creating it for future computers). Anyway.... An update! In the process don't forget to: - comment - visit the modd page ;)
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    Dark Summer'96 Mod

    The names are pretty obvious - the tank is called Leopard II (what's no surprise), the car - the Fennek, and the APC - Scythian. A bit more complete info resides now at moddb profile and a bit of question I have for local guys: by which way mod teams are usually formed, or are all mods todays are single-guy creations? :D