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    Well, I just noticed something. I play blitzkrieg 2. This forum is blitzkrieg 2 The Finest Hour. This game has economics, etc. B2 was just unit management. What is...the..where can I find the Blitzkrieg 2 forums? I feel so stupid /facepalm If anyone can help me, I'm going to leave my original post below, but I just feel stupid now >.> Okay, I don't know if this is the right place to ask, or if anyone cares anymore, but here goes. 1) Team objectives. I have given individual units objectives (I know this works for a select box, too), but how does one assign team objectives? (IE, capture this key point, then this one, and then defend those two for 5 minutes). I don't see how to assign these objectives...I've tried everything I know how to do that I saw in the manual. 2) Damage meter-I've set the HP down to 0 for a few of my units, and gotten good results-they are destroyed & unusable. But they just look like they fell over. Is there any way to make them look like they got blown up, or can they only be "destroyed"? 3) Entrenchments-is there any way to ahve units automatically entrenched at the beginning of the level? I have the infantry in the trenches, I"m talking about tanks automatically entrenched at the start. I can assign them to entrench themselves, but can I make it so they are entrenched at the start? 4) How do I assign my units at the start experience, so, for example, the medium tanks have rapid/moving fire? I need some help plz! And then, 5) Bridges. LOL. I built a concrete bridge (the big one you can get tanks across). I was shipping my tanks over while under heavy enemy artillery fire, and the bridge just crumbled. Absolutely crumbled, and I lost all of my tanks that were on it. I haven't ever been able to destroy it again, but I built a secondary bridge just in case :D How do I destroy it again, because that could really help me in my level. And can that be done in campaigns, too?
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    My older bro. got a laptop for schoolwork a few months ago...up until then we couldn't play B2 on our home computer (errors, every time we fixed them another would pop up ). But, it works on his laptop and I've been a fan ever since!