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  1. Rattuskid

    Surveillance Camera Hoolala In Britain

    I don't see how drones overhead violate my privacy any more than the myriad of government owned helicopters (both police and military) or satellite surveillance we all love because it updates googlemaps. Otherwise this is just some aussie who is trying to rationalize the no-flat-chest-porn crazy government of his with every other nation because he doesn't want to be alone in New China. The internet kill thing, is bullshit, but honestly, a lot of countries have that ability right now.
  2. Rattuskid

    New Twisted Metal!

    I'll probably be beautiful but rather bland in play, like Black.
  3. Rattuskid

    World Championship Started Again

    I here you man, here's a site all about it... Ugh...
  4. Rattuskid

    Surveillance Camera Hoolala In Britain

    I love the UK, it's like a social experiment of what would happen if the 1984 Big Brother government were ball-less pansies.
  5. Rattuskid


    Looks like a less shooty The Shield.
  6. Rattuskid


    I was expecting a 'Wicked' style protagonist switch on the Superman story... and now I'm dissapointed it's just another cop show.
  7. Rattuskid

    Who The Hell Are You?

    "Internet playboy lifestyle"? What does that involve apart from masturbation both mental and regular?
  8. Rattuskid

    Funny Video Thread

    He better watch out, Japan has no right to arm bears.
  9. Rattuskid

    My New Toy

    My bud has a welder. America: land of do-it-yourselfers.
  10. Rattuskid

    Korean War To Resume Again?

    My Grandfather is the vet of the first war... the one that never technically ended. If they want a fight, it'll be horrid, but everyone is more prepared than NK, and they know it. It'll be a run and gun affair for them, and I'd love to help end what was started half a century ago.
  11. Rattuskid

    My New Toy

    And another topic why the UK is a police state. Still better than German I'd imagine. I just drive a shitty focus.
  12. Rattuskid

    Retail Stores Killing Game Industry?

    See that's the issue, it's not the developers who will prosper, but the publishers. Not the people who made the games, but their bosses. It's BS.
  13. Rattuskid

    Retail Stores Killing Game Industry?

    I bought a DVD form a flea market, should I have to pay the studio to view it again?
  14. Rattuskid

    Gordon Brown's A Massive Ass

    No Libertarianism in the US is basically rapid support of the constitution (which I agree with) cut with almost Randian economic policies, spiced with a hatred for anything even resembling public funding, and distributed over rich white people who think they're a very diverse group. In practice all Libertarians I know devolve into either Republicans who smoke pot, or socially liberal Democrats with guns. Either may be suing their town/state over speed limits on the highways at any given time.
  15. Rattuskid

    Gordon Brown's A Massive Ass

    The words have so little meaning connected the party lines anymore it just seems as meaningless as 'Republican' and 'Democrat'. Technically, what 'Liberal' actually means can only be applied to the Libertarians here in anything but a social rights sense... and true Conservatism died with Goldwater. I don't know about how the terms are used for parties in the commonwealth and UK, but I know one Scottish student who works with the Lib Dems there, and he's certainly not a fan of the Tories, although for obvious reasons Labor and the BNP are juicier targets at the moment.