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  1. ironduke57

    Christmas Haul

    As my employer isn´t really effected > driving to work, driving home, driving to work, driving home. Also hoping that my PC doesn´t die on me as atm I don´t have the money to buy/build a new one and it is a bad time for a new one with Intel doesn´t getting its shit together and Threadripper so damn expensive.
  2. ironduke57

    Christmas Haul

    @ AshjW Cool! ------------------------------- Not much for me. Haven´t seen an family yet except my ma and we don´t really give each other anything anymore. Bought Eastern a "new" car (Mercedes B 200 CDI 4matic from 01/2015). It came only with summer tires so I had to buy winter tires incl. rims (~1000 € (MB: Oh no, you had to buy an 4x4 so you have to buy at least 17" and there a no steal rims which fit.)) and then it´s first service (~700€! and it was only the small A service) was needed in December for is warranty to stay in effect. So my finances are non existent at the moment. So no new PC as I had planed for this year. Maybe next year, hell maybe the price for the new threadrippers will go down till then. ( Yes I seriously think about changing from Intel to AMD. That would be my first AMD in my main rig since my Pentium 200Mhz!) So I only got me an Miband 4 and Fraiser DVD Box. So I hope you all had a great XMas and you have my best wishes for next year! ironduke57
  3. ironduke57

    Christmas Haul

    Wait! You got your own cylon? Which model? A six or maybe an eight? Or not a cylon but your excited about it? Hmm. Are you maybe a member of AT&T in Space aka ComStar/The Word of Blake? Regards, ironduke57
  4. ironduke57

    Christmas Haul

    First: Merry X-MAS and a happy new year for everyone still reading here! Haul: Not much for me this year. The only real gift was an 25 Euro Amazon gift certificate from my godmother. I got myself an used "Hunt for Red October" 4k UHD bluray and a new water reservoir for my watercooling system. Regards, ironduke57
  5. ironduke57

    Christmas Haul

    My haul this year was mostly bought by myself: - A new Samsung flat screen TV / second display and new printer (OKI color laser with duplex print and duplex scan) for my homeoffice. - DVD´s: Thunderbirds, Stargate: Atlantis, WarGames, Spaceballs, Raumpatrouille ORION (Space patrol: ORION); Bluray´s: Farscape, BSG Classic, Galaxy Rangers (Damn! Amazons Cyberweek was expansive for me) - A (used) Bluray drive and doubling my RAM to 32GB in my main system Is it obvious that I have a new job with a bigger paycheck? (Okay I bought the printer and the TV already in November, but I see them as X-mas gifts.) Regards, ironduke57
  6. ironduke57

    Generals 2 F2P!

    Just in case that someone is still reading her: "Free-to-play Command & Conquer canceled in response to fan feedback" - http://www.gamesradar.com/free-play-command-conquer-canceled-response-fan-feedback/ Lets hope the next time it is not again an F2P/P2W game. Regards, ironduke57 :)/>
  7. ironduke57

    Funny Video Thread

  8. ironduke57

    Happy New Year!

    Ditto! B) Regards, ironduke57
  9. ironduke57

    Christmas Haul

    We had the warmest Christmas ever. Highest reading was Munich at 20.7° Celsius! And it looked so promising when only some weeks ago we hat ~20 cm of snow and double digit negative temps outside. :( Regards, ironduke57
  10. ironduke57

    Christmas Haul

    Hi guys! Merry X-Mas! Till now 30 Euro from my Aunt, 30 Euro from my Godmother, 20 Euro from a friend and a new Watch (CASIO WV-59E-1AVEF (DE Version of the one in the link.)) from my Mom. Also I got myself an 3TB WD RED HDD for my server as I was running out of space. That´s probably all for this time. Regards, ironduke57
  11. ironduke57

    Funny Video Thread

    Driving in Russia: - http://www.trendhure.com/2012/11/12/driving-in-russia/ :o :ph34r:
  12. ironduke57

    New Mechwarrior!111111111111

    Regards, ironduke57
  13. ironduke57

    Girls Und Panzer

    :blink: Regards, ironduke57
  14. ironduke57

    New Mechwarrior!111111111111

    So did the 550TI help? Regards, ironduke57
  15. ironduke57

    Rip Commander Jeffrey Sinclair :(

    Michael O’Hare, Commander Sinclair On ‘Babylon 5,’ Dead at 60 :( - http://www.inquisitr.com/347878/michael-ohare-commander-sinclair-on-babylon-5-dead-at-60-report/ Rest in Peace Entil'Zha. Regards, ironduke57