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  1. ironduke57

    Christmas Haul

    I reread the thread and I am feeling old. My XMas was a simple affair this year. Just my mom and me. Got some XMas Cards and sweets from some customers and from my boss an ice cream scoop spoon. Go myself an new bluetooth headset receiver (Sony SBH54) and an Blue Ray drive (LG BH16NS55) already with a UHD friendly firmware flashed to watch 4k movies on my PC. And that´s it. Trying to keeping my money together for the next electricity and heating bills.
  2. ironduke57

    Christmas Haul

    Hi guys! - a Soundblaster Audigy 5/Rx as my onboard sound sucks - a independent control unit for my watercooling system (aquaero 6 pro) - a pizza cuter (from my boss) - a UPS for my home server - two 18TB HDDs for my backup NAS - two AIRPLANE (Who does not know it, it´s a very funny movie from the 80´s. GO watch it! NOW!) themed t-shirts (Anyone some experience with TeePublic?) But most important no corona in the family jet! Till next year and stay healthy!
  3. ironduke57

    Christmas Haul

    Congrats on your family and stay safe!
  4. ironduke57

    Christmas Haul

    My Haul 2020 was quit short: A pocket knife and a garlic press from my boss. Both with the company logo. Some sweets and bucks from friends and family I got myself a new slatted frame for my bed, some network stuff to expand my 10Gbit Fiber LAN at home and I am in the process to buy a Threadripper based PC rig. I am waiting for the CES this month if/when the new ZEN3 based Threadripper will come out. IIRC this will be my first AMD based PC since my 486DX4/100, at least for my main rig. As most times when you are "grown up" and want nice staff you have to buy them yourself. This "grown up" stuff sucks.
  5. ironduke57

    So, whats up

    "My" company mainly develops software for planing/documenting FTTH/B Internet networks and we also use this software our self to plan/document such networks for our clients. Luckily since last year we were already in the process to add new office space in another building. That was accelerated which allowed to us spread out the workers so that more or less everyone got his/her own office. Additionally we already had an VPN access running which allowed, for example parents, an easy switch to work from home when needed. I as the admin had the glorious job to keep all this running. But today was my last workday for this year.
  6. ironduke57

    So, whats up

    I second that! Luckily my family is AFAWK healthy and my job wasn´t effected by corona. (I even got an additional tax-free 1500€ Corona bonus!) Let us all hope next year will better then 2020.
  7. ironduke57

    Christmas Haul

    As my employer isn´t really effected > driving to work, driving home, driving to work, driving home. Also hoping that my PC doesn´t die on me as atm I don´t have the money to buy/build a new one and it is a bad time for a new one with Intel doesn´t getting its shit together and Threadripper so damn expensive.
  8. ironduke57

    Christmas Haul

    @ AshjW Cool! ------------------------------- Not much for me. Haven´t seen an family yet except my ma and we don´t really give each other anything anymore. Bought Eastern a "new" car (Mercedes B 200 CDI 4matic from 01/2015). It came only with summer tires so I had to buy winter tires incl. rims (~1000 € (MB: Oh no, you had to buy an 4x4 so you have to buy at least 17" and there a no steal rims which fit.)) and then it´s first service (~700€! and it was only the small A service) was needed in December for is warranty to stay in effect. So my finances are non existent at the moment. So no new PC as I had planed for this year. Maybe next year, hell maybe the price for the new threadrippers will go down till then. ( Yes I seriously think about changing from Intel to AMD. That would be my first AMD in my main rig since my Pentium 200Mhz!) So I only got me an Miband 4 and Fraiser DVD Box. So I hope you all had a great XMas and you have my best wishes for next year! ironduke57
  9. ironduke57

    Christmas Haul

    Wait! You got your own cylon? Which model? A six or maybe an eight? Or not a cylon but your excited about it? Hmm. Are you maybe a member of AT&T in Space aka ComStar/The Word of Blake? Regards, ironduke57
  10. ironduke57

    Christmas Haul

    First: Merry X-MAS and a happy new year for everyone still reading here! Haul: Not much for me this year. The only real gift was an 25 Euro Amazon gift certificate from my godmother. I got myself an used "Hunt for Red October" 4k UHD bluray and a new water reservoir for my watercooling system. Regards, ironduke57
  11. ironduke57

    Christmas Haul

    My haul this year was mostly bought by myself: - A new Samsung flat screen TV / second display and new printer (OKI color laser with duplex print and duplex scan) for my homeoffice. - DVD´s: Thunderbirds, Stargate: Atlantis, WarGames, Spaceballs, Raumpatrouille ORION (Space patrol: ORION); Bluray´s: Farscape, BSG Classic, Galaxy Rangers (Damn! Amazons Cyberweek was expansive for me) - A (used) Bluray drive and doubling my RAM to 32GB in my main system Is it obvious that I have a new job with a bigger paycheck? (Okay I bought the printer and the TV already in November, but I see them as X-mas gifts.) Regards, ironduke57
  12. ironduke57

    Generals 2 F2P!

    Just in case that someone is still reading her: "Free-to-play Command & Conquer canceled in response to fan feedback" - http://www.gamesradar.com/free-play-command-conquer-canceled-response-fan-feedback/ Lets hope the next time it is not again an F2P/P2W game. Regards, ironduke57 :)/>
  13. ironduke57

    Funny Video Thread

  14. ironduke57

    Happy New Year!

    Ditto! B) Regards, ironduke57
  15. ironduke57

    Christmas Haul

    We had the warmest Christmas ever. Highest reading was Munich at 20.7° Celsius! And it looked so promising when only some weeks ago we hat ~20 cm of snow and double digit negative temps outside. :( Regards, ironduke57