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  1. ironduke57

    Christmas Haul

    Wait! You got your own cylon? Which model? A six or maybe an eight? Or not a cylon but your excited about it? Hmm. Are you maybe a member of AT&T in Space aka ComStar/The Word of Blake? Regards, ironduke57
  2. ironduke57

    Christmas Haul

    First: Merry X-MAS and a happy new year for everyone still reading here! Haul: Not much for me this year. The only real gift was an 25 Euro Amazon gift certificate from my godmother. I got myself an used "Hunt for Red October" 4k UHD bluray and a new water reservoir for my watercooling system. Regards, ironduke57
  3. ironduke57

    Christmas Haul

    My haul this year was mostly bought by myself: - A new Samsung flat screen TV / second display and new printer (OKI color laser with duplex print and duplex scan) for my homeoffice. - DVD´s: Thunderbirds, Stargate: Atlantis, WarGames, Spaceballs, Raumpatrouille ORION (Space patrol: ORION); Bluray´s: Farscape, BSG Classic, Galaxy Rangers (Damn! Amazons Cyberweek was expansive for me) - A (used) Bluray drive and doubling my RAM to 32GB in my main system Is it obvious that I have a new job with a bigger paycheck? (Okay I bought the printer and the TV already in November, but I see them as X-mas gifts.) Regards, ironduke57
  4. ironduke57

    Generals 2 F2P!

    Just in case that someone is still reading her: "Free-to-play Command & Conquer canceled in response to fan feedback" - http://www.gamesradar.com/free-play-command-conquer-canceled-response-fan-feedback/ Lets hope the next time it is not again an F2P/P2W game. Regards, ironduke57 :)/>
  5. ironduke57

    Funny Video Thread

  6. ironduke57

    Happy New Year!

    Ditto! B) Regards, ironduke57
  7. ironduke57

    Christmas Haul

    We had the warmest Christmas ever. Highest reading was Munich at 20.7° Celsius! And it looked so promising when only some weeks ago we hat ~20 cm of snow and double digit negative temps outside. :( Regards, ironduke57
  8. ironduke57

    Christmas Haul

    Hi guys! Merry X-Mas! Till now 30 Euro from my Aunt, 30 Euro from my Godmother, 20 Euro from a friend and a new Watch (CASIO WV-59E-1AVEF (DE Version of the one in the link.)) from my Mom. Also I got myself an 3TB WD RED HDD for my server as I was running out of space. That´s probably all for this time. Regards, ironduke57
  9. ironduke57

    Funny Video Thread

    Driving in Russia: - http://www.trendhure.com/2012/11/12/driving-in-russia/ :o :ph34r:
  10. ironduke57

    New Mechwarrior!111111111111

    Regards, ironduke57
  11. ironduke57

    Girls Und Panzer

    :blink: Regards, ironduke57
  12. ironduke57

    New Mechwarrior!111111111111

    So did the 550TI help? Regards, ironduke57
  13. ironduke57

    Rip Commander Jeffrey Sinclair :(

    Michael O’Hare, Commander Sinclair On ‘Babylon 5,’ Dead at 60 :( - http://www.inquisitr.com/347878/michael-ohare-commander-sinclair-on-babylon-5-dead-at-60-report/ Rest in Peace Entil'Zha. Regards, ironduke57
  14. ironduke57

    New Mechwarrior!111111111111

    Have fun with it. :) Regards, ironduke57
  15. ironduke57

    New Mechwarrior!111111111111

    That´s your problem with living on the wrong side of the channel. No seriously. With around ~200£ (after your formula) could get some nice basic system which would clearly superior to your system with an E8600 and could take for example later on an Ivy Bridge i5 or i7. (A Quad should clearly fasten up your renderings.) There are surely cheaper boards (like an MATX board with H61 chipset for ~ 35€), but IMHO that is the most important part of a system if you want to be able to upgrade it some time in the future without having to change the board again. So it should be fullsize ATX, have 4 Mem slots, has minimum one classic PCI slot for the occasion, all solid caps, is Ivy Bridge comp. and so on. But that is just me. I am basically always have the point of view that if I see that that what I would get if I pay some bucks more is worth it I do it. Even if that means that I have to save up my money a bit more to be able to get it. Regards, ironduke57