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  1. KillaKhan

    How To Flirt A Girl On First Date For Dummies.

    There it is! Ditto btw, I think this thread is kinda useless. Basically saying if you wanna pick up girls, have a wash and be nice. Well duh... Dumb people exist all over the world.Like in your house!
  2. KillaKhan

    How To Flirt A Girl On First Date For Dummies.

    Maybe your should read "for dummies"?
  3. KillaKhan

    How To Flirt A Girl On First Date For Dummies.

    Then it didn't happen! Big suprise..
  4. KillaKhan

    How To Flirt A Girl On First Date For Dummies.

    I believe Kanz answered your question...
  5. KillaKhan

    How To Flirt A Girl On First Date For Dummies.

    Nah,I don't think so.For goat,ask a Greek,they are the best at it.
  6. KillaKhan

    How To Flirt A Girl On First Date For Dummies.

    Every1 has his own way mate
  7. Im just gonna be straight to my point: 1."Smart" appearance(or just don't look like a jackass) First of all impress her with your native language fluently,or make sense of humor(Girls mostly hate a man that TOO serious).Wear a good/normal clothing(Don't wear a cloth that looks like a junkie). Wear normal shoes(Sneakers,or any native shoes you wear a lot). 2.Fresh breath Handsome looking is useless if u literally intoxicate her with bad breath.Brush your teeth/wear something that you usually spray at mouth(I don't know what it's called,never used it).Or your just too lazy,eat mints.. 3.Smile Don't just look like your mother just died,smile a little bit.A little.Not too much or you gonna look like a retard 4.Trim your nails For most girls its disgusting if you have long,dirty nails.Trim it 5.Dandruff free hair. I think this is obvious... 6.Be polite Duhh.. 7.Don't eat and talk at the same time. Its not a good sight.. 8.Wear a perfume(not too much,Not too less) Best if use alcohol free. 9.Perhaps the most important,Be a gentlement,don't be a Jackass.
  8. KillaKhan

    Funny Pics Thread 33 1/3

    I am speechless..this Gorilla looks familiar...
  9. KillaKhan

    Funny Pics Thread 33 1/3

    Ohh,I wonder what suprise they'll get.
  10. KillaKhan

    Some Awsome Exam Answers.

    This isnt about funny pictures,This is about Kid's school Exam answers.Read the Topic Yo.
  11. KillaKhan

    Some Awsome Exam Answers.

    Kids,sometimes they are smart..sometimes its other way around...They hate test.Here is some best exam answers Ive ever seen. Hard water. O'rly? How funny. 12 under 12 makes a bunny :D Hey never I never teached about.Cow,human,twisted mutant! Confusion?Right now Im confuse too. Although your answer is correct,its wrong Atlease you didnt spent eternity teaching... Is it a duck or a Fuck? Oh,Ah you sure? Show no Mercy! Alright,+1 for the Girrafe Inappropriate bear
  12. KillaKhan

    World Of Tank Patches..from Failure To Worse

    I though I already gave you the engine sound.Wanna me to regive?
  13. Sometimes patch aren't actually much of a "fix"..Heres some examples...(sorry I cant remember all the patch numbers).I did post this on WoT Forum...but now I have 1 week ticket... The Newest: Harder to hit with Self-Propelled Gun.5% chance...If you do hit,you are blessed A hell lot more glitches eg: Gun cant turn,no lag.Cant open fire,Fire but no fire Boomerang round:Mostly happens on SPGs where your round wold go where you didn't aim at.Eg: Aimed on a KV,hit a friendly Panzer 6 about 40m at the far right "Cant see a Shit" syndrome.This happens a lot as well,Where you just cant see absolutely anything although the fact is the enemy is right next to you Ghost round.Happens on all vehicles where your shot doest even came out of the gun barrel Sliding tank.Tanks are moving..but not the tracks..not very harmful just laggy a little bit Until I can remember more.This is it
  14. KillaKhan

    Funny Pics Thread 33 1/3

    A friend of kanz....different people..but somehow same username...I used this username first though Oh zip it mate oh..
  15. KillaKhan

    "you" Jokes(Similar To Yo Mama)

    In Maxtix,You bend spoon In Soviet Russia,Spoon bends YOU!