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  1. Freedom


    You may or may not remember me - I was a noob, then I made maps, then I made a fuss and left for Slipstream Studios, then I ran off to WoW for a good long time, practically never to be heard from again. UNTIL NOW. I eventually quit playing WoW over two years ago, in March 2013 (and given it doesn't look like it has changed for the better and won't, it's permanent this time), then I just played and tweaked the Medieval II : Stainless Steel mod at most. Did other shit. Including completing college finally with a Bachelor's in Genetics! So far, I've gotten 8 interview requests in major-related jobs over the 5 months since starting my job search. Aside from that, I've gotten really into Avatar:The Last Airbender and "discussing" that show's successor. Which is sort of ironic, considering how much I used to disparage "anime" here... I've all but dropped drawing, replacing it with writing - definitely trial and error with that, just like the drawing. (Seriously - don't look at it) Currently in the process of editing what I've done when I have time. The first chapter edited is a LOT better than what's there. Now to do the rest... Anyways - Derelict Studios. I finally got the login working a few days ago again(thought I had a more complicated password...) and lurked, looking at old Blitz II posts, Off Topic posts and PMs. Quite the nostalgia trip - too bad I didn't save my screenshots or my map files. :( DS was where I learned how to internet, and so much more, along with WoW... Looking at stuff from 9, 10, 11 years ago - it's amazing how things change, what stays the same. Like EA being clueless. No change there. A shame that Generals 2 went F2P(making modding impossible), then on top of that, was canceled, back in November 2013. And two years is an awfully long time to hear nothing about another attempt at a new C&C title... all I know is, I played RA3 a while back, and beyond the wacky Soviet campaign, I wasn't really impressed. After a while, it felt sort of... lifeless somehow. Like C&C3 with different units. So, especially given everything I heard about C&C 4, maybe EA not releasing anything more is for the best. Medieval 2 and World in Conflict are the last 2 RTS's I've played, and I've heard people saying the genre is dying, StarCraft II and Company of Heroes II notwithstanding. Just curious, killakanz - do the Call to Arms forums even exist anymore? That mod was the whole reason I came here - as... fragile as it was. :lol:
  2. Freedom

    Taktics Is Back!

    Don't get hit by IP infringement - remember Halogen? : ( Sounds real interesting anyways.
  3. Freedom


    Speaking of CnC 3, is the server for CnC 3 online down for anyone else...?
  4. Freedom

    Adam Was 60 Feet

    You just summed up half my ideals in a single statement.
  5. Freedom

    Adam Was 60 Feet

    You know, their "May Allah bless you!" blablabla etc sounds a lot like "Teh powar of Jesus compels you!"blablabla etc...
  6. Freedom

    Adam Was 60 Feet

    ROFL. Well, they do sound like your Derka derka! Allah-Jihammed types... Their posts sound freakily like evangelical Christians... :unsure:
  7. Freedom

    Struggle Of Addiction

    If I were to get it for Christmas, I'd probably return it, but would really like to burn it to a crisp and send the ashes back along with a no thank you note.
  8. Freedom

    Struggle Of Addiction

    The only thing going for WOW is the social stuff... even if it is funny at times, the gameplay still requires minimal skill. PVE is basically "How leet is ur gear" combined with "If one person out of 40/20/5 fucks up its over" and PVP is "Mash cooldowns/pots and hope you get better gear next time to PVP in". Although they have made the PVP grind a lot better I hear... but still, there's nothing there except the social aspect.
  9. Freedom

    Tsunami Disaster Relief Money!

    And you to Bannned 'Yena? <_< It's things like this that make me laugh at people who claim that all societies are equally good... I mean you can talk all you want about Nazi Germany being horrible to those folks, but as soon as you mention untouchables in india or Islamofascism it's suddenly you who is the bigot.
  10. Freedom

    Struggle Of Addiction

    I broke my addiction easy as pie because all the people I knew/liked stopped playing or went their own way. Must be even harder to break clean from a good social group...
  11. Freedom

    Guess That Aircraft!

    It's a US WWII jet. If the war would have gone on for a year or so more it would have seen action, but it never did. Was also the first aircraft-carrier based jet fighter.
  12. Freedom

    Scrin! Errr...kinda

    Is that wiwaxia- looking thing with the spikes a powerplant...? wtf?
  13. Freedom

    Usa 1946 Challenge

    The Russians have Defend the Motherland, we have Defend the High Standard of Living. :P
  14. Freedom

    Msn Convos About Blitz

    Yeah.... a brain.