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    Ummmm AR2, TC, AR2, AR2, AR2, AR2, AR2, TC, TC, TC, TC, AR2, AR2, AR2, TC, TC, TC, some more AR2 and TC, and thats about it. No wait... plus AR2, and maybe TC too =)

    AR2 = the BEST sci-fi mod for RA2YR of all time!
    TC = also the BEST sci-fi mod for RA2YR of all time!

    (Never heard of a tie?)
  1. cold_fusion

    Mini Patch: Those With 5.0

    Boy, you people have really been slacking on the updates, huh? I'm kidding, of course! I just wanted a random excuse to drop by and say hello. I don't expect anyone to remember me, but I had fun times here in 2004. Sorry for being so childish back in those days... I hope you're all doing well. I wish all the best in your current and future endeavours.
  2. cold_fusion


    Hey guys, been over 10 years since I last logged in. Time really does fly. I hope you are all well, and best of luck to you in the future.
  3. cold_fusion

    No More Jackhammers

  4. cold_fusion


    LMAO! Wow thats so weird! How the hell must have that felt? :ph34r:
  5. cold_fusion

    Forum Posters

    lol! The housewife one is great! :lol:
  6. cold_fusion

    Subliminal Messaging.

    Crap that really scared the living shit out of me.... I couldn't hear it so I turned it up real high :ph34r:
  7. cold_fusion

    No Break For Florida

    Yeah... F5's are bound to get more common. Well, hope it doesn't hit too hard.
  8. cold_fusion

    Ar2 6.0 ?

    Hahahah found that out the hard way eh? :lol:
  9. cold_fusion

    5.0 Bugs

    Hmmm, isnt this supposed to be in the Conference Room? Oh well, since this is a bug topic, I'd like to say I found a really funny one. Those green vinifera blobs can be hijacked! :lol: Loads of fun! Quite strong and its gotta be the best Nemesis scouter :P
  10. cold_fusion

    World Domination

    Hmmmm I think I'm gonna change to Nemesis, it's 7 Gen against 4 Nem
  11. cold_fusion


    China is getting its ass kicked? Its in first place!! 10 medals already, dont really remember how many gold or silvers or bronzes, but I think its 5-3-2. Oh yeah, go Brazil!!! :lol: A difficult second set, but a great first and third at volleyball!! :) And about gymnastics, Daiane dos Santos will rock your world! :D Edit: YES!!!!!!! OMFG! An UNBELEIVABLE MATCH! Brazil- 25 15 25 21 33 Italy- 21 25 16 25 31 Woohoo!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. cold_fusion


    Damn Michael has got 3 golds and 2 bronzes. I can't beleive Ian lost because of .13 seconds.... damn.... :( Edit: w00t w00t!! Brazil 7 - 0 Greece !! PWNAGE! :P Oh, and good job Germany, 8 - 0 China :)
  13. cold_fusion


    Hey Michael Phelps just a bronze at the 200m freestyle! lol
  14. cold_fusion


    Go Brazil!! Yay we got a bronze medal!! w00t! :P But a gold in volleyball is almost certain, hehehe ;)
  15. cold_fusion

    Yamato's B-day

    I just ate... and I'm already hungry :lol: Happy birthday Yamato! :) *goes to kitchen hoping to find that pizza*