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  1. Cylon Terrorist

    Crash Your Pc Using Html Code

    XD i used that link on a m8 and he fell for it :lol: :lol: B)
  2. Cylon Terrorist

    Crash Your Pc Using Html Code

    Either way i ain't clicking that link :ph34r:
  3. Cylon Terrorist

    Wow....look At These Crackpots!

    Haha those nutters :P
  4. Cylon Terrorist

    No Insensitive Political Views

    All hail the mighty godwin :P
  5. Cylon Terrorist

    Radeon 9600 Or 6600gt?

    Radeon 9800 pro and 6600 are the bst mid range cards, anything below jsut doesnt really cut it anymore
  6. Cylon Terrorist

    Smurf Goes To Eala

    Hah he wouldn't say at SSP so i doubt Smurf will :P
  7. Cylon Terrorist


    Jesus Freaking Christ......
  8. Cylon Terrorist

    Fav. Band

    Yep they rock 1.Velvet Revolver 2.linkin Park 3.Sytem of a down 4.Muse 5.Coldplay
  9. Cylon Terrorist

    Smurf Goes To Eala

    Heh wish i could of gone to that, would have been cool to meet Chrono and Smurf and the other guys :)
  10. Cylon Terrorist

    Ra3? Generals 2?

    Oo conspiracy time :P
  11. Cylon Terrorist

    Need New Graphics Card

    Radeon 9800 Pro, OH YEA DUFFMAN GFX :D I have one and run BF2 on Med to max settings
  12. Cylon Terrorist

    Cutest Tank Ever.

    haha if that ever fired it would probably roll :P
  13. Cylon Terrorist

    7.3 Ghz Pentium

    Yea there was a Ctrl Alt Del comic bout that once.......just stick to non-nitrogen cooling plz :P Do it for the children
  14. Cylon Terrorist

    Ap: 50 Cent Diagnosed With Terminal Brain Cancer

    :blink: :lol: ^_^
  15. Cylon Terrorist

    I Can't Believe Nobody's Made A Topic On This.

    Yea i went to something in my city about it, also didn't the Japenese finally apologise for their war crimes today?