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  1. EvilViking

    Cnc4, Impressions, Etc

    I somehow managed to get a review copy for free (!?), and decided to give it a shot even though I was never motivated to finish C&C 3. My opinion? Every complaint in this thread has merit. This is not C&C, this is a console port without the console. Everything is so dumbed down, it's horrible. The graphics, while aged are nice but the unit designs have only the occasional nod (HAH!) to the C&C style. I'm 4 missions into the campaign, I just switched to NOD and I'm not sure if I'm going to finish it. World in Conflict did this style of RTS far better. C&C should have stuck to its roots.
  2. EvilViking

    Modern Warfare 2

    100% with you here killa. I'm worried that when I ever break into the industry I'm going to have to dumb down my work to make it fit on 256mb console graphics cards and such. Have you run into anything like that? (not sure if you've done console work)
  3. EvilViking

    Modern Warfare 2

    The amount of money this gave is making and the love it is getting is kind of sickening. There are much better games out there that don't screw over PC players and then charge them $60 for the privilege.
  4. EvilViking

    Maybe Because He Is Radio-active?

    I would be pretty concerned if I were a juror for this case. I mean, a week ago a Major in the USA Army attacked his own comrades. I just wouldn't feel very safe. What's to stop another radical from deciding that now would be the perfect opportunity to become a martyr?
  5. EvilViking

    Crysis Modding

  6. EvilViking

    Crysis Modding

    It might have been the 4 year relationship that preceded it, but who knows. :P
  7. EvilViking

    Find All Movie Clips!

  8. EvilViking

    What Are You Currently Listening To

    Whoa, my thread is still going!? Agraceful: In Oceans
  9. EvilViking

    Crysis Modding

    I realized this summer that I didn't have any FPS work in my portfolio (nor any real experience doing FPS level stuff), so I asked around over at Polycount and CryEngine was suggested to me as a good starting point. It's actually pretty easy to get started, and the more advanced stuff (auto-shadow maps and parallax occlusion mapping anyone?) is ridiculous! Has anyone else done any work in CryEngine? http://www.crymod.com/thread.php?threadid=...er=0&page=1 /waiting on the "Use UT3, noob!" comments. :P Edit: Oh yeah, and I got engaged last month. Woot!
  10. EvilViking

    Is This Forum Dead?

    This. And this. *glances at task list* *runs*
  11. EvilViking

    Empire: Total War Is Half Off (it's $25!)

    Is anyone playing the Warpath expansion? Some of the hardest battles I've had have been as Native Americans. It's tough stuff when you're fighting European armies. Ambushes are fun though!
  12. EvilViking

    World In Conflict Gold For $5! (usa+can)

    BlckWyerve's mum is a strategy game? Actually, very little strategy is required. :o
  13. EvilViking

    Empire: Total War Is Half Off (it's $25!)

    It's well worth the $25. I got it for $30 back in April, and I probably have 100+ hours "invested" in it. This is a huge scale game.
  14. EvilViking

    World In Conflict Gold For $5! (usa+can)

    I think you're confusing World in Conflict with your mom. Who was mediocre. ...I missed this place. :D
  15. EvilViking

    Amazing Games Review

    This cracked me up, because it's true. :lol: