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A Sneak Peek..

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Well only about 3 people besides the AR2 team read this forum so i didn't think about mentioning him. However, most of them probably knew anyway (I like to blab to them on MSN when I get ideas to improve AR2 in various ways. Including when there is a possiblity of being able to use a cool art piece--provided I am given permission :P)


BTW your space art is pretty impressive as well! ...And I didn't know you are a TS fan (according to deviant art). I love that game! :)


Fair enough i suppose. ;)


Thanks, glad you think so. Yep, i am a fan of the c&c series, but most especially the originals like TS, TD, etc. RA2/YR was fast paced & fulfilled what they wanted, & was a prelude to generals gameplay style, but i truly think that as it was the storyline was a bit haphazard & the gameplay unbalanced at times, making it not as perfected as the tiberian storyline in my opinion. But of course all great games. ;) I have modded & mapped for Tiberian Sun for a while now. :) Glad you love it too. ;)


By the way, j4m3sb0nd, what brought you to this forum?


Actually, i played your teams mod, & consequently visited the website. ;)


Sup, j4m3sb0nd, its Joe from the PPM forums (The guy doing the Exodus GUI) ...


Hey Joe, good to see a familiar face. :)

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We'll be using Godwin's.

There may be a couple other new ones... if I get round to finishing them.


You know what? I think I'll go work on them right now because come December, I probably won't have the time to do any kind of modding/artwork for some good 3 months, and that's at least 3 months.

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