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An Act Of War Is Back!

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Hello again An Act of War fans and fellow modders! Yes, we are indeed back! Many things contributed to the site's long downtime, but thanks to mastermike707's investigative work, everything seems to be up and running again.


So you ask, what has been going on since the last update? (It was posted April 2nd!) Well, over the summer, things slowed down a lot for the An Act of War staff. With the site down, enthusiasm waned for a while. Most of us were on vacation for large portions of the summer. So, while work has gotten done (look for an real update as soon as I can prepare it!), progress on v2.0 has crawled recently.


That's all about to change.


The #1 reason for the sudden slowdown is the simple fact that I'm now in college, and almost never at home, where my desktop PC is. What's the good news? In the next few weeks, I hope to be getting a brand new, powerful, workstation laptop. Now that I have access to a beastly T3 internet connection at college, I will soon be able to get things moving again.


An Act of War was my personal obsession throughout much of high school, and mark my words, it will be finished, no matter how long it takes! I'd like to thank all of the fans who have emailed me over the months inquiring about the site being down and the mod's status. Your patience will be rewarded will a fun, gripping, action-packed and professionally created total conversion.


So, as we get the gears moving again, feel free to jump into the forums. We love hearing your ideas, comments, and suggestions!


War is coming home, General.


EvilViking, Project Leader

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I've been playing the mod toaster version. Love what you did with the USA. But from what I heard it is much better now. Plus you'r tossing a whole new side to the mix. Can't wait.

I thought this mod was slowing dieing, but now I heard you'r up an runing. Great to know.




"I'll be watching like an eagle over its prey, America" Quote from the Great and powerful Steven Colbert.


Lol. It seemed to fit in, Change america to Act of war.;P

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no matter how long it takes!

*Opens mouth then closes it again*

*Opens mouth with another purpouse*


Are you sure? :blink:

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