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Aaow -> Zero Hour Ai Probs

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I just recently uninstalled the latest-release (1.2 IIRC) AAOW from my comp (wanted to play some original ZH), but now for some reason, it seems the AI for the original ZH has been wiped completely from the game, ie. i get an automatic win as soon as i start a skirmish, no matter how many enemies i place on the map. all command centres seem to lose colour/turn neutral on game start.

i was just wondering, does the mod alter the AI and then remove it upon installation?

and is there a way i can fix this without doing a total re-install?

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One old version of the installer did indeed remove the Zero Hour AI upon uninstalltion.


I've uploaded the original ZH AI here for you:




Just unpack it using WinRAR into your Zero Hour/Data directory, it should overwrite the entire "Scripts" folder and fix your problem.

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