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Since retail MP maps are most for 2/3 players and they are too "symethric", also I like human-coop against AI, well I've decided to modify some maps from the campaign and make them Multiplayer. My first attempt was Sarajevo.


I've made it 2 human coop against 1 AI player and kept the Nod base almost intact (just removed their tech-center and changed some buildings to another place.


When the match starts, Nod has their original base already built for its own while we have to build ours from scratch. So attacks comes at the 1st minute.

Also made a very basic script to allow human players to receive a reinforcement (2 veteran mammoth tanks) if they manage to accomplish some stuff.

Had to do some re-texturing and terrain tewaking to reduce polygons.

Also made a camera animation for the reinforcements but it's laggy on net-play.


Anyway, my question is:

Is this legal to do?

Can it be considered "modding a map"??

May I post/share them somewhere?


Thank you and forgive me my crap english.

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Sounds perfectly legal to me. It would be illegal if you modified a multiplayer map just barely (ex, radar hack), to let you cheat against people playing the same map.

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The only concern would be people using the map on the demo.

But adding new maps to the demo doesn't work yet without a lot of hacking, so don't worry about it.

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Perfectly legitimate as far as I know. A lot of people seem fond of playing against the AI in this manner, and Generals had an entire mod devoted to player v. AI matches. I guess the closest comparison to what you want is like... a Multiplayer version of the C&C Generals Zero Hour "Generals Challenge" mode? :)


What BOB said wouldn't be illegal per se - you're not going to get dragged off to prison for it - but it'll probably get you banned from playing online. It wouldn't work in most cases anyway, as the game/lobby would recognize the discrepancies between the maps before the match started. :P

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