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I Am Thinking Of Making An Xml Editor For C&c3

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I am soliciting ideas for an XML editor for C&C3 that I am thinking of making (or would start making once I get my hands on the XML files for the game).


Possible ideas so far:

Ability to open multiple XML files at once

Ability to see and open all XML files that are included by this XML file

Ability to select an identifier (such as a weapon name) and jump to that item in whichever XML file contains that identifier

Ability to validate the XML files using schemas

Ability to export data (such as hit points, armor, speed, cost etc) to a CSV file (comma delimited file, Excel and other spreadsheet programs can read them in and spit them back out) to make it easier to see all the numbers used for balance in the one place (being able to re-import the data would be much harder which is why if I added it, it would come later on)


I may well base this off some existing XML editor or IDE that can do the base functionality that we want and then add the C&C3 specific stuff to it.

If I write this, it will be released under GNU GPL. (unless I base it on some IDE that is released under another license)


Does anyone have any other feature requests for me to look into?

Any ideas of existing projects that could be used as a base?

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-color coding of tags

-search option to look through all xml files.

This would help to build up a tag or module inventory...

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Yeah, a "find in all files" option would be nice :)

And I think I can do it.


Color coding on the other hand might be difficult.

As for finding all known modules and tags and stuff, once I get hold of the SDK, I intend to pull it to bits in my disassembler and build up a list of all valid tags, modules etc.

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I am seriously considering the existing http://scintilla.sourceforge.net/SciTE.html SciTE editor program with some specific features and customizations for C&C3 work (such as the "select an xml tag and search for an identifier" feature)

It already has features like "find in all files" and XML syntax highlighting and other nice features.

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