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Inserting New Factions/sides

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This little tutorial will help you inserting new factions to your mod.

All you need is the good old Data\INI\PlayerTemplate.ini and a little trick to really insert it into your final BIG-file.


Please download my attached little sample mod called "NewFactions". That's probably the easiest way to explain it.

This mod will add CABAL as the new faction. You can of course delete other factions by deleting a whole PlayerTemplate section.



The PlayerTemplate.ini must be in this directory: YourMod\Data\INI\

The main problem is that INI-files will not be copied into the final BIG-file automatically. So you have to copy it into the BIG-file by hand or better you use this simple trick for your BuildMod.bat



@echo Copying ini files...

md "%cd%\BuiltMods\mods\%1\data\ini"

copy "%cd%\Mods\%1\data\ini\*.*" "%cd%\BuiltMods\mods\%1\data\ini\"

@echo Creating Mod Big File...



(Do only copy the red lines at exactly this position in you BuildMod.bat. It will automatically search for any INI-file in the Data\INI\ directory whenever you compile your mod. Thanks to Bibber for this hint)


Once you have followed all these steps, you will need a reference to your Mod.str (or csf, if this will work in any way) to define a name for the new faction. You will also need to add references to you new main structure (usually any ConstructionYard) and a side-specific global upgrade (see comments in sample PlayerTemplate.ini)


I hope this helps you out getting along with adding new factions.

btw: can someone move this thread to the CNC3 Tutorials sub-forum?


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I can't seem to download the Attachement, i get an error saying

Sorry, but you do not have permission to use this feature. If you are not logged in, you may do so using the form below if available.


However i am actually log in.

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Nope, Same thing, i still can't download the file...


I think it is because Members don't have access to download attachments...



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