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Localized Versions Of Your Mod

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A small tutorial on how to make multilangual mods, or more precisely, multiple versions of your mod with just the string file altered.


Name of the mod I use for this is EXAMPLE, with the Dutch version as EXAMPLENL and the German version as EXAMPLED


Copy your BuildMod.bat, and name it something easy. Example.bat would work best in this case. Then edit the lines up to @echo Copying built mod..., to read as following, not forgetting to replace EXAMPLE with your mod name.

@echo off
@echo Mod Name: %1
@echo Building Mod Data...
tools\binaryAssetBuilder.exe "%cd%\Mods\EXAMPLE\data\mod.xml" /od:"%cd%\BuiltMods" /iod:"%cd%\BuiltMods" /ls:false /gui:false /UsePrecompiled:true /vf:true /LinkedStreams:true"
@echo Copying str file if it exists...
IF EXIST "%cd%\Mods\%1\data\mod.str" copy "%cd%\Mods\%1\data\mod.str" "%cd%\BuiltMods\mods\%1\data"
@echo Copying Shaders...
IF NOT EXIST "%cd%\BuiltMods\mods\EXAMPLE\Shaders" md "%cd%\BuiltMods\mods\%1\Shaders"
copy "%cd%\Shaders\*.fx" "%cd%\BuiltMods\mods\%1\Shaders"
@echo Copying ini files...
IF NOT EXIST "%cd%\BuiltMods\mods\%1\data\ini" md "%cd%\BuiltMods\mods\%1\data\ini"
copy "%cd%\Mods\EXAMPLE\data\ini\*.*" "%cd%\BuiltMods\mods\%1\data\ini\"
@echo Creating Mod Big File...
tools\MakeBig.exe -f "%cd%\BuiltMods\mods\%1" -x:*.asset -o:"%cd%\BuiltMods\mods\%1.big"
@echo Copying built mod...

Do not forget the lines under Copying built mod, those should remain!

Do not forget to change every instance of EXAMPLE with your original mod name!


Then run it as explained in the commandline as Example.bat ExampleNL and Example.bat ExampleD.


Both commands make versions of your EXAMPLE mod with their own string files.


Of course, you still have to make those string files yourself...


Addendum: this installer automaticly has the right INI lines built in as well.

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How does the game recognize that the mod version called "EXAMPLENL" contains a dutch mod.str, the version "EXAMPLED" a german mod.str etc.?

Aren't these only different mod versions and you have to select the right one manually via Control Panel?


I don't get it :blink:

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