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How To Increase Your Chances At Getting Help For Your Mod

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How to increase your chances at getting help for your mod.

The more professional your mod looks, the better the chance at getting help. Talented people like being in the company of other talented people.


You need a site, the better it looks and the more content it has...the better your chance at getting help.


Pictures of the mod, ingame models or even some basic concept art go a long way. They show that you have started on the mod already, and also a level of professionalism.


A design document is a must. This is a text file that details exactly what you plan to do with the mod. You should list the sides, units, unit details and how the gameplay will work.


Use proper grammar, it shows that you are taking this sersiously.


Do not post a "help wanted" topic if today is the first day you've come to dznet. Nothing looks worse than by having your post count be less than 10 when you are asking for help. I would suggest you frequent the forum for a week or two, get in contact with other modders via instant message and then post asking for help.


If you are making a "help wanted" post, you most likely expect to be the team leader. You should never only be the team leader, meaning you should also be an ini editor, modeler, or skinner. Those are the 3 jobs that are most crucial to mods and it goes a long way if people see you can do any of those jobs well. Another reason is, leading by example is one of the best ways to run a team. No one likes to be told to work by someone who isn't really doing much for the mod.


hye guys!!! i'm making a supercool-#1funtime mod...so deos anyone want to help me out???!??!


i need 2 coders, 2 mappers, 5 modelrs, 4 skinners...and i'll be team leader and magnage things




I am the team leader for the Zero Hour total conversion which turns the game into being GI Joe themed!. I am also the head INI coder, PR guy and I will be assisting with 2d art and skinning.


We are looking for modelers and skinners, and maybe another INI editor to help me out.


You can see some of our concept art, as well as our detailed design document at our site. Click here to check it out!


if you have any suggestions of things to add please post them below...

Even after 3 years, this remains valid. Worth the repost.

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