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Post Here If You Care (or Dont Care :) About Ui Editing

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If you care about being able to edit the C&C3 UI, post here. I am trying to find out if its worth spending the time to continue working on UI editing, UI tools, UI work etc.


Post something like:

"I dont care about changing the UI at all"

"I can do everything that I need to do by editing the textures so I dont care about UI editing"

"I care about UI editing, please continue your work"

"I dont care about UI editing right now but later I will need to edit the UI"


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I care about it. At first the most pressing issues for moi are adding some extra function buttons on the HUD and adding a few new on/off toggles to the pre-game options (like the random crate toggle but for other stuff like in TS/RA2/YR). Then maybe later some sort of restructure of the HUD.

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I really do care about it! I hate to just replace graphics, I want to be able to change the layout and put some new animations in my UI. UI editing is very important and big part of total conversions, so we really need some tools.

I only think most people are too lazy to post their opinion about it.. :/


I'd help you with the tools if I would be able to, but right now, I don't know how to do flash and can't code C#/C++... :/

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:bump: I still care. Adding buttons and such is still important to me.


Here's something I threw together in Photoshop.


Here is the current pre-game options layout:




Now I'd love to add several new options, I probably wouldn't be able to fit them all into area 1 because there are a lot that I think need to be added.


So here's what I came up with:




Area 1 keeps displaying the Map selection settings, and the extra Rules move to area 2 and replace the Player settings when you click the Rules button.


Area 2 would be split in two with the left half (area 3) being scrollable (scrollbar 4) in case there are more options than can fit in area 2.


Area 5 on the right is static and does not move. It contains the Defaults button and any other options you don't want to scroll in area 3.


On the other hand if I just add a scroll bar to area 1 it would also work as long as the options fit horizontally in area 1 (and comparing the things I have in area 3 to the size of area 1 that would work just fine). Of course if I could also just make the rules pop up over everything else like the Yes/No confirmation dialogs or give them their own screen, that would work as well, this is just the idea I had.



So adding new buttons, drag bars, scroll bars, and new dropdown boxes are important to me. Even making new popups or new pages would also be good. So I still care and :bump:.

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Moving the menu's around and such should be possible (at least from the talks jonwil and I've had)...but you list a ton of options there which would need to be hardcoded into the engine, and just aren't possible (day/night, techlevel, etc. etc.).

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