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The Original Tank Tutorial Is Here!

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The original and still the best!


My first tutorial, the tank building tutorial for total beginners is here.

Since the first draft way back in Feb 2003, it's been re-written 3 times and enjoyed unprecedented success and has been used by thousands of modders around the globe.

In the case of the re-birth, it hasn't changed (apart from the page layouts).

It can now be found here.


This tutorial is aimed a total beginners to the 3D modeling world. Those who have only just installed gmax and thinking "ok, what do I do now?"

While it is based around gmax, the basics are still very similar to 3DS Max today (gmax was the freebe version of 3DS Max 4).

It's recommended for new C&C3 modders to go through this tutorial before doing my C&C3 vehicles tutorial, so you have a basic grasp on things.

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