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Official V1.5 Public Buglist

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This post is for An Act of War Beta 1.5 bugs only, not discussion. To discuss the v1.5 beta, please see this thread:

Please remember that missing features (Ships, Iraqi units, North Korea, Iraqi buildings, etc) are not bugs. Keep in mind that this beta is only 1/2 of the way to the final release v2.0.

Official Public Bug List:

1. Cannot Select Individual Infantry
2. Models Missing (specailly For Iraq)(also The Aircraft Carrier)
3. Random Crash's (unknown reason)
4. Online Play Unavailable (Even if there playing AAOW Its shown as grey)
5. Some navel Ships wont build

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I wrote it with the version 1.5 the Game braking off to Windows I have XP Pro. In Win stand "you have encountered a serious error your grafik Card or computer is not reach for the Game. The Error is when i build the Black Hawk or Solo Missions
Americans.I can play now only Skirmish with the Chinese

CPU 5000 AMD
2 GB
1800XT ATI

is sufficient for the most of the games now. Edited by Ektheöion

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