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Modding Wiki Project

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We recently started a new project for helping all modders out there:


This is Thundermods.net calling out for all TW-Modders still left standing - yes, YOU THERE!


Are you struggling to even get the compiler running? Listen up! Can you write half a dozen mods simultaneously while having your hands tied to a Tiberium Fiend? Read on!


Thundermods.net has now launched its new modding Wiki and as usual: we want to help you, but we also need you to help us. The initial goal for the Wiki is to document and explain as many parts of TW modding as possible on a basic and quickly understandable level. No fancy tricks that not even one in a million modders will ever need, no smartass babbling, just plain and simple information on how the get the job done.

We´ve already begun to transfer and document parts of the schema files to the Wiki as well as to add basic guidance on how to handle mods; the growing number of data types is already very useful for quick references. The team will continue this task and also ensure that the Wiki stays accessible and in useful condition, but still it´s a task that we simply cannot fulfill on our own. So please lend us a hand in order to make modding for all of us as easy as it should be!

Link to Wiki Mainpage

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