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Volcano News!

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Good welcome citizens, to battle day 2! Inside this news post, you will find:


- The Reason Our Server Was Down This Week


- Project Perfect Mod advertisement mod spotlight


- Robot Storm highlight


- IconOfEvi's Red Alert 3 info and musings


- News on how YOU can contribute to the CNC3 modding community


- A Duke who we haven't seen in Forever


All this inside your news post here!

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Good welcome citizens, to battle day 2! Before we begin, the usual disclaimers - all opinions are IconOfEvi's, and not Derelict Studios. All news IconOfEvi decides to put in is IconOfEvi's discretion. All news IconOfEvi leaves out is his fault alone, or he just forgot about you, and in that case is terribly, terribly sorry.


(!) in a link indicates the content might possibly, just possibly be offensive. Just possibly.


If you want YOUR news included (and who doesn't?), fire off an email to IconOfEvi[at]derelictstudios.net (replace the [at] with @).






As you are all maybe aware by now, our hosting company had a certain...incident occur. Sovjohn, our technical administrator from our host, was chargin' his lazar like usual, but this time, he wasn't careful. The result? - SHOOP'D DA WHOOP'D. THERE WAS A BIG EXPLOSION, And we were down. As for us, we're not likely going to go down again, but still, be careful.


Okay okay, to be truthful, there was a big fire. No actual servers burned, but the power was destroyed.




Project Perfect Mod hosted mods roundup

Project Perfect Mod, hoster of many mods and mod projects, posted a roundup of new content of some of their hosted mods! And I must say:



Leviathan Mech from Tiberian Sun - Rise Of The Omnius


Tiberian Odyssey has posted previews of two new maps. Check them out because TO has some REALLY nice new graphics anyways.



Twisted Insurrection has a MODDB Page. Visit it!


Fallout Wars, a total conversion of TIberian Sun to the Fallout Series


Tiberian Sun Terrain & Civilian Expansion has a soccer practice van that all the soccer moms will henceforth be using to take their kids to Tiberium Infested soccer fields. Crappy shoop due to crappy mouse.


And three mods I never even knew existed! And now I'm keeping an eye out...:


Terror From The Deep (an undersea TC!)


(check out their music page!)


RA2 - Moscow's Vengance


(check out the double soldiers!)


C&C - Shattered Skies (Wut...Ace Combat 4?!)




Also, recall the TAKTICS Mapping Competition is still open! You CAN submit maps even if you don't have RA2, as they have a custom-made FinalAlert2 (the RA2/YR mapping tool).




Robot Storm


Apollo of the super cool mod ROBOT STORM has posted two new videos highlighting AHMYGAWD new stuff for the ALLIED LEGION.



Maybe I can soon score an interview with Apollo? BE PREPARED.




Red Alert 2 3

EALA (!) have offically unveiled NEW UNITS while you were away from me.

(on a side note - why do I see ads on the RA3 site? Don't they get like...money from me already? I mean come on - Discovery Channel. Not that Discovery Channel isn't way cool.)


AND they released a gameplay trailer. Goodness gracious me.

Da video in case you have been living under a rock or have been lazy. Or both.

NOTES - *Apoc has mentioned that the Tech structure that was captured won't give NEARLY as much sight as it did in the video.


*Fog Of War makes comback, shroud is gone/relegated presumably.


*No mind control a-la Yuri. But Psionic


will be filling in the gap.

That, and maybe tentacle monsters



*The game will be heavy on micromanagement. All unit abilities/upgrades are manual, as you need to click them. None are active.


*Even though Einstein is gone, the Chronosphere somehow remained. (A reference to Nikola Tesla's experiments with time/space?)



*About six tech structures

(In b4 Oil Derrick, Machine Shop, Airport, Observation Post, Power Plant, and Secret Lab)


*Air to Air battles will be more prominent and intense




In case you didn't watch the video, the economy system is changed! Ore is now only obtainable in so called Ore Nodes, and only one truck can be at a node at a time! Change strategies accordingly!


The stated reason was the overinflated economy in CNC3, leading to super fast games for people pumping out harvesters fast, turning into a constantly growing cause and effect accumulation.


I coulda sworn the economy was fine in all the other games...


Now onto the new stuff! You already read about it, so I'll just give you my impression and musings, etc.



The Soviet Sickle, presumably the complement to the Soviet Hammer Tank, which I'm pretty sure is also in that picture of the King Oni shooting eye lazars.




Natasha, the new Soviet hero (Boris and Volkov just don' cut it huh?), is out to prove her mettle on the battlefield. Played by Gina Carano, she certainly is well...fit :3. SO far, her abilities speaketh of a Jarmen Kell clone...but maybe Jarmen Kell is soon to be a Natasha-wannabe? We'll see.



Allied Peacekeeper

Woah! Now THIS is new. The mainstay of the Allied Forces...isn't even a soldier! And he has a shotgun! This has gotta be (!) the first time a shotgun has been the primary weapon of the mainstay of the game (!). The Allied Peacekeeper from the info I gleaned, will be able to deploy a riot shield that seems to make it nearly impervious to arms/bullet fire. Two blasts will take out a Soviet Conscript, and it has the ability to destroy garrisons. Now normally, taking out garrisons would be a tough job for infantry, but its riot shield will really seem to help in this case. Their main drawbacks is that at least from what I can judge, they will be pathetic against armor now (a tradeoff in a way), and they cannot swim.


In all honesty, I don't know what to say about this. Starting with RA2, the 'good side', Allies/GDI had a better basic trooper than the 'bad side'. While this theoretically could be good - has anyone USED the bad side troopers in multiplayer games? Who's used mass conscript gatherings? While this may also be a stab at realism (that the 'good sides' usually emply better trained troops), isn't equipping the mainstay of the infantry with shotguns and making them not even standard soldiers kind of also against realism? And even though RA3 is going way into the goofy/wacky - isn't employing cops as your main soldier even a little into the...well dumb?


Moreover, this also begs the question - will the Soviet Conscript and Imperial basic trooper be able to swim as well? This could alter the game balance, which in mods like Allies Revenge 2, has proved that unequal can infact make excellent gameplay. Perhaps only the Imperial soldier will be able to swim.


Does anyone have any guesses what UAF stands for? I'm hazarding United Allied Forces or something.


DISCLAIMER - due to the wide varied opinions of the CNC community, I would like to point out that IF you by any chance disagree, or just hate me, you should drop a line on our forums! We would like to see you, and your input could be valuable.






So you have a cheeky idea? You figured out something grand? You found the source code for CNC3?




We have a special forum here dedicated to just that, pushing the boundaries of CNC3. Think of it as a laboratory of cutting edge, pinoeering, defining research. We're here after all because of people like you - what are modders if they have no effort?


So do you have an idea? Did you tinker with the XML's? Maybe you thought it was maybe, just MAYBE possible to have many different troop types in a group!





But we all need more. We need you.


SmurfBizkit has been bestowed with the Order Of The Volcano! Goto Off Topic to wish him luck and congratulations!







Very easily oversighted news, but DUKE NUKEM FOREVER HAS BEEN SPOTTED.


If you follow the link on the Jace Hall show from 3dRealms site, you'll see footage of Duke Nukem Forever IN ACTION at around the 4:18 mark (its a good show and you should watch the whole thing though).




And with this joyous note, I will end another Derelict News segment.

Edited by IconOfEvi

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Not the best example ever of RA2/YR assets...


Aha! You've found RA2: Moscow's vengeance, it is mine, and over at PPM I'm far less of a newb than here. The idea of RA2:MV is to foolow in RA1's footsteps without some of the pitfalls (RTS standing for Rampant Tank Spam and infantry being useless) but still retaining that brutal and well-paced gameplay that stock RA2 had. If theere are ever any vids they will be overblown and slightly funny like RA1's but the mod has a dark side, it's not as light as RA2. Finally the important bit:

I need a 3D modeller and/or Pixel artist, no prior experience required

The expected output is relaxed, there is no defined building style so you have a free hand there. Please, for the sake of my sanity apply! Thanks :lol:


Contact me at:

Josh.da.rula[at]gmail.com or my account (Lt a1br3cht, like that to screw up google searches) at PPM with a PM.


Yes I may seem sad and desperate, but the second part is true! I can voxel and ini code, I have a great AI guy and there are always lots of ideas. I just need a pixel artist or 3D modeller to fill the .SHP gap, as all Good YR mods need 1337 3D pwnz0r SHPs to get attention these days...


My forum at PPM:



And if you've ever heard of Dregan or Sanedisruption I have come into possesion of their work for BTS (Via dreagan 100% legit).

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Great stuff Icon, the Duke, somehow he feels at home here.


@ Lt Albrecht Please don't use outrageous font sizes, garish forum clutter is for the OP only :lol:

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Lt Albrecht Please don't use outrageous font sizes, garish forum clutter is for the OP only

Never again. Sorry :(

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