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Downloaded Blitzkrieg Ii

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Actually, this happened to me also, when i used The First Decade, so im going to go get myself my old generals and see if I can get this working. I miss playing Blitz.... Anyone know if it will work on an 64bit system?




EDIT: I got it working now, just seemed that it would not work on the first decade for me, so i just installed it using Normal Generals. Probably should change the download tag so you know it doesn't need the patch if you download the full version

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You installed it, didn't you?

you must either run as admin everytime or go to properties compatibility and, make sure its running xp service pack 2 and, then click run as admin at the bottom and, hit apply (with vsta that is, other than that it will start zero hour)


and i am running first decade right now works fine it works better (less lag faster less crashing) if you run it through the actuall c: file location and not the program list =)

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