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Www.cncmods.net Is Back & New Version Of My Bin Tool (does Audio Now Too)

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Firstly, to let everyone know, my site at www.cncmods.net is back up. Sorry for the downtime, the motherboard on the server it was hosted on died.

Secondly, I have uploaded a new version of my tools to the site. You can now extract audio. (the list displayed will also show w3dcontainers as well as textures and audio but you can ignore those for now as I havent written the w3x rendering code yet)


How to use it to extract audio:

1.Open a .big file in my bigextract program as follows: (english version, other languages may have other .big files that contain audio)

Tiberium Wars





Kane's Wrath





Red Alert 3


2.Create a folder somewhere

3.Use the "extract all" option and extract the desired .big file to the folder you created

4.Open the .manfest file you just extracted as follows: (again, this may differ if you extract from another language version of the game)

Tiberium Wars





Kane's Wrath





Red Alert 3


5.You should see a list which will show a bunch of items labeled "AudioFile"

6.Select one and press "file-save". If it does nothing, the audio file is in a format we cannot yet decode (i.e. music). If it displays a save-as dialog box, puck a location to save and it will save a .wav file

7.Repeat step 6 for more audio files until you get all the files you want.


I have tested this and can confirm it works for all the manifest files listed above (from KW, TW and RA3) for a random selection of sound effects picked from the games (it definatly works for audio from the new RA3)

Should anyone find a sound effect that makes it crash or that doesn't extract properly, please let me know and I will fix it as soon as possible.


I am doing my best to find out how the EALayer3 codec (used for the music) works so that I can add support for it into my tool.


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