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Alpha Channels

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As mentioned before on the frontpage, Command & Conquer 3 did not feature a FX shader with Alpha gradient channel, instead either applying the Alpha channel 100% or 0%.


However, the following image shows proper Alpha gradient channels are usable in RA3. Much in the same way they worked in Generals on the helicopters there. Handy for anyone who wants to model the interior of a vehicle, or perhaps even structure and have it visible in game.


Red Alert 3


Command & Conquer Generals


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The issue isn't that full gradient alpha's doesn't work (in mec2 we use it for our heli rotors and augmented reality bits). The issue is that it lighting doesn't apply to them.


So...say you're going to make a fake dirt bib under a structure, the buildings shadows wont' cast on the bib, so when you look at the shaded part of the building, the bib will glow neon. Here is a test I was doing with it a while back;




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