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hi everybody please reply asap, im using blitzbuilder and i want to know how to start with buildings as soon as i start the game ive been trying and trying but i cant get anything to work plz help ty and i also want to know how to start with units as well

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Well are you making a mission? or just want a skirmish game where you get buildings?


If it's a mission, just add some players, as many as you want, put all but the one you want to be on ai controlled. Then just add the buildings and set them to player owner.


If its a skirmish, Then scripting comes into play. You have to find the script, "Transfer control of unit to player" Then you have to name all the buildings you want to get. then you type in the player area, "player_0" or "player_1" ect till 7 for player slot 8. The host is always player_0 and the slot just below him is player_1 ect.

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