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Adding Custom Eva Sounds

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Bibber helped me understand the secret to this long-running problem (thanks man!), so I will share with the rest of the community:


Step by step:


Go to the data folder and make a new sub folder called "additionalmaps"

( path = D:\CnC3\MOD SDK\Mods\[MODNAME]\Data\additionalmaps )


In here create a file called mapmetadata_*.xml.

I called ours mapmetadata_eva.xml

In here define the audio files like you would with any others, there are example ones in the cnc3 xmls.


Go to the root MOD SDK folder and open up BuildMod.bat with a text editor


Find the line:

tools\binaryAssetBuilder.exe "%cd%\Mods\%1\data\mod.xml" /od:"%cd%\BuiltMods" /iod:"%cd%\BuiltMods" /ls:true /gui:false /UsePrecompiled:true /vf:true /bcn:LowLOD /bps:"%cd%\BuiltMods\mods\%1\data\mod.manifest"

--- (should be line 6)


Then add this line beneath it:

tools\binaryAssetBuilder.exe "%cd%\Mods\%1\data\additionalmaps\mapmetadata_eva.xml" /od:"%cd%\BuiltMods" /iod:"%cd%\BuiltMods" /ls:true /gui:false /UsePrecompiled:true /vf:true

--- (i.e. on what then becomes line 7)


Then go to the built mods folder and navigate to the INI folder:

( path = D:\CnC3\MOD SDK\BuiltMods\mods\[MOD NAME]\data\INI )

Copy across Eva.ini from EA's example inis in the Mod SDK folder. Change the side names to ones defined in your playertemplate.ini and the sound file names to ones you defined in the mapmetadata_eva.xml



Then go and compile your mod but make sure all the non INI/Movie/Map folders are deleted out of the /Data folder inside "built mods" first.

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Congratulations for "finding out" and "sharing" something that Lauren aka Asuka allready developed and described last year <_<


Posting & Instructions


I also know that Bibber was well aware of that, which in return makes me wonder what exactly your contribution in this "discovery" was? :blink:

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N.B. I never claimed I had "found out" or "discovered" anything.


Why did I post up a tutorial ? A number of mods were struggling with this problem and didn't understand the fragmented info that they could find on the net, so I posted up a step by step guide here that is on a level I could follow myself.


Props to Lauren for working this out. Sadly I never saw this post, and probably wouldn't have understood it if I had. I did find a post by Bibber on the PPM forums which said the same thing more concisely, but, again, it was over my head. Streams? Hashes? I dunno what any of this is. However he helped me out and in the end I got it working.


There is a need for people like me to have a simple guide on how to do it. I never claimed it was anything more than that, but it's a big deal for at least three mods. At the very least it is important to spread the word.

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