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Ra3 Dummy Art Files,ra3 Civilian Asset Reuse And Other Ra3 Things

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On my site cncmods.net, I have posted some RA3 related things.

Firstly, there is a set of dummy art files similar to the one I made for C&C3. This makes it easier to see real errors about missing art without seeing all the errors about art that does exist in the game but does not exist in the SDK.


Secondly, I have added links to the RA3 SDK and files.


I have also updated my tools. The main change is that a number of obsolete tools have been removed.

apt2xml, aptdump, eaf2swf and xml2apt have been tested and works with all RA3 UI files.

aptextract has been removed since its obsolete

audioextract has been removed, use binview to extract sound effects

bigextract and binview work just fine with C&C3 and RA3 including Kane's Wrath and Uprising and all patches

mapextract has been removed, use bigextract to extract map files

minimapgen and towgen only work with C&C3, they dont work with RA3. I am looking into the relavent UI files of RA3 to see if similar programs for RA3 single player missions would be of benefit.

modproject and xmledit have been removed, they were never very user friendly or useful.

texturexml works with all known versions of the C&C3 SDK as well as the RA3 SDK.

w3xdecompiler has been removed as it never really worked right and is incompatible with RA3. Better ways of reusing existing compiled art (including possibly ways to rename the art and change the names of textures or other things it points at) are being worked on.


The final thing I added was some stuff that will allow you to get the same functionality as buildmodcivasset.bat from the C&C3 SDK but in RA3.

Download the file. Then, put AssetResolver.exe in RA3 MOD SDK\tools. Put worldbuilder.manifest in RA3 MOD SDK\builtmods\sagexml. Replace defaultscript.cs with the new one.

3 new options will appear to run the asset resolver tool on normal, medium LOD and low LOD. Select these boxes if you are re-using civilian art. Then it will work just like buildmodcivasset.bat did for C&C3.

The AssetResolver.exe file is the one from the C&C3 SDK with a change to point at the right location for RA3 (sagexml vs cnc3xml). The worldbuilder.manifest comes from the SDK worldbuilder version. The defaultscript.cs file is the one from the RA3 SDK with changes by me.


I am currently looking into map compiling and making stuff to handle that as well as support for viewing 3D models in binview

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