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New Tools Available To Extract Art And Audio From Uprising

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Go to www.cncmods.net and download a new version of my C&C3/ra3 tools. There are new tools to extract and reuse art and audio from Uprising.


Note that the tutorial below assumes your SDK is in c:\RA3 MOD SDK and your mod is in c:\RA3 MOD SDK\mods\samplemod


To use:

1.Extract the contents of the englishaudio.big, staticstream.big and wbdata.big files from Uprising with bigextract.exe

2.Go to your mods folder and create an assets folder (so e.g. C:\RA3 MOD SDK\mods\samplemod\data\assets)

3.Open wbdata.manifest or static.manifest in artdump.exe

4.Pick the GameObject you wish to extract (e.g. SovietDesolatorInfantry or AlliedFutureTank) and select "save art" and save the art to the asset folder you made in step 2. Repeat this for any other objects

5.Open audio.manifest in audiodump.exe

6.Pick the audio you want to dump and select "save audio" and save the audio to the asset folder you made in step 2. Repeat this for any other audio.

7.Create your mod and reference the assets you dumped. See the text files created in the assets folder for details of the assets that were dumped.

8.Run the "build mod, build low lod and build medium lod" steps. Also run the "civilian asset fix up" steps if needed.

9.Open a command prompt. Go to the folder containing assetmerge.exe. Type assetmerge "C:\RA3 MOD SDK\builtmods\mods\samplemod\data\mod" "C:\RA3 MOD SDK\mods\samplemod\data\assets" (replace the paths as appropriate for your mod and SDK paths). Repeat this for mod_l and mod_m (so e.g. replace the first path with C:\RA3 MOD SDK\builtmods\mods\samplemod\data\mod_l or C:\RA3 MOD SDK\builtmods\mods\samplemod\data\mod_m). This step will merge the assets you extracted with your compiled mod.

10.Run the remaining steps of the mod builder (copy str, build big, copy big, make skudef)

11.Test your mod. It should work and you should see the new art/audio.


When rebuilding your mod, only steps 7,8,9,10,11 have to be run again.


If someone wants to expand the defaultscript.cs file to support the assetmerge.exe steps, that would be great.

If anyone has any bugs to report or other issues, let me know and I will fix them.

Please provide any feedback also, anything you can say about this (good or bad) is appreciated. And do post pictures if you use it to extract art and put it into your mod :)



You also need to make sure that the shaders in the urshaders folder end up in the shaders\compiled folder in your mods big file as these are new shaders in Uprising and need to be included. (I dont have a list as to just which models use which shaders)

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