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Figuring Out The Font Name Used In The Main Menu!.. Or If It's Even Possible.

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EDIT: See below (3rd post) for the solution to this problem!


I was able to use Font Substitution to replace the Red Alert Extended font in some menus of the game using that xml file, but I can't seem to replace the font on the main menu. Any suggestions, insights, etc?


<FontSubstitution Name="Red Alert Extended" id="RedAlertExtended">
    <Substitute Size="2">
        <Font Name="Pipe Dream" Size="2" />

    <Substitute Size="1000">
        <Font Name="Pipe Dream" Size="750" />



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I've already tried that. It fails so nicely. The font basically stops working and defaults to Arial. Very big, ugly, Arial.


That's why replacing the ttf is not an option.


EDIT: Success! (and mini tut)


With a bit of work, I have fonts working all over the game.


Problem: The problem is that Red Alert 3 cares about the internal font name within the ttf files.


Steps to resolve:

1. Open the font in a font editor (Font Creator 5.6 recommended)

2. Change the name to the exact same name of the font you want to override. In the main menu's case "Red Alert Extended" was the name.

3. Then rename the ttf to match the font you want to override.

4. Use your favorite BIG file editor to create a new .big containing your edited font in a virtual directory: "data\fonts\red alert extended.tff".

5. Finally, include the new big in your mod's SkuDef and voila, your font is now working in-game.

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