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Taktics Is Back!

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The Awakened Kingdom: The Initial Chaotic Strike or TAKTICS for short, formally a Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge total conversion, returns in Red Alert 3. This total conversion introduces a brand new story, three new and completely different factions, new infantry and vehicles to crush your enemies with, new buildings to create your methods of destruction and, of course, new terrain to play in.

Have we mentioned that this TC takes place in the Mario universe?

Shy Troopers in Technicolour:


So come visit our forums for a bit more info on how we will be conducting things for this mod.

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Derelict Studios is proud to announce The Awakened Kingdom - The Initial Chaotic Strike, or Taktics for short. Taktics is a Total Conversion for Red Alert 3, the latest game from Electronic Arts using the SAGE engine, known for it's moddability and flexibility.


That flexibility will be used to transform the world of Tesla Tanks, Psychic school girls and Playboy commando's into the world of Koopa's, Shy Guys and a Princess to rescue (but sadly, in Another Castle): Super Mario!


Taktics will feature three distinct sides, and maps remade in the Super Mario image. Initially, only the Eight Bit Nightmares and the Grasslands theater is shown.

The Eight Bit Nightmares are based on the armies of Wart the Dreamking, from Super Mario Bros 2 for the NES. Grassland is a mix between the green levels of Super Mario World, Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario Kart.


Formerly produced for Red Alert 2, the team decided to switch to the Red Alert 3 engine because of it's greater flexibility, and better suited atmosphere, as well as increased moddability of the engine. The team, consisting of two Portuguese students currently living in Canada, is made up of Icyson55 and Arikado.


Below is a link to their forums, which contains the initial images: Shy Troopers and Autobombs!

The site is currently still being worked on, and will be released later this month.


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Thanks for the update.. And now that all Ips from Chine are banned, We should be getting back on track shortly.

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