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Making An Ai In Challenge Friendly To You

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Hi all. I'm new to the forums.

I'm about to download the RA3 worldbuilder. Now I heard that you can edit a map with it and use it in Uprising? There is one of the Uprising Challenges for which I'd like to make one of the AI's friendly to me instead of hostile. Can that be done? That's the only change I want to do.

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Hey man, I don't know if you have fixed this already but the basic approach should be as follows:


Extract the map you want from the maps BIG file in the main game directory using your BIG editor of choice

Open it with WB and go to the player list

In here you can set what the relationship is between players, who they see as friendly and hostile. It should be straightforward to turn them allied to you and hostile to other enemies.


To play the map either save it to the game data folder or create a mini mod to overwrite the main challenge map.

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