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Muzzle Flash Not Following The Unit

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So we've been trying to code Albatoss, but we're running into a bunch of odd glitches that I have now corrected...


1. The muzzle flashes don't keep up with the aircraft while it moves. Fixed (Visually moved the custom (2 frame) muzzle animation forward in the max scene to put it in place.)

2. The unit randomly loses its house colour. Changing to neutral. Fixed (If you are using a separate <scriptedModelDraw> for the damage FX, don't use the SKIN (SKN) as the file to rig the FX to the bones. This house colour bug will show up.)

3. The outline doesn't show up when selecting or hovering over the unit even though we're using the objectsallied.fx shader. Fixed


Suggestions? Looks like I suggested a few things to myself and got the job done.





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Moved to RA3 editing.


Hmm. How are the bones linked?


Um, maybe he didn't want that unit shown to the public yet? There was probably a reason it was in a HIDDEN STAFF FORUM

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Yeah, I made it public to try to stir up some activity and interest here at DS, and of course to actually get some help which I ended up not needing in the end.


Anyways, I hope this place starts to wake up during the summer!

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