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You love classic music, and can instantly tell which composer provided the music for the helicopter attack in Apocalypse now, and take a good guess which conductor performed it. You will have to provide classical pieces in wav format, find obscure music pieces and suggest music pieces to described situations.



  • Have a large CD collection with a lot of classical concerts.
  • Speak English fluently.
  • Know Wagner, Beethoven, Mozart, Shostakovich.
  • Have the ability to convert CD's into wave format.

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Tchaikovsky, Piotr Ilyitch


* Born: Votkinsk, 7 May 1840

* Died: St. Petersburg, 6 November 1893


Tchaikovsky is probably most famous for ballet music (The Nutcracker Suite, Swan Lake and the like) and the 1812 Overture. However, his work in the standard forms is definitely worth a listen. I have heard the violin concerto and the Pathétique symphony live, and these are both great works. The first piano concerto with its initial crashing chords is also very famous.


There is still some controversy over the nature of Tchaikovsky’s death. It happened very suddenly without much warning, and it has been speculated that Tchaikovsky committed suicide.


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