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Blitz2 Multiplayer Guide (2014)


We play on hamachi, which is a program that creates a LAN network over tcp/ip. No need for gamespy anymore.


Get hamachi: [url="https://secure.logmein.com/NL/products/hamachi/download.aspx"]https://secure.logmein.com/NL/products/hamachi/download.aspx[/url]. Install it, run it, and give it access in your firewall. Go to preferences (right button on hamachi) for settings - make sure ur hamachi name is the same as your ingame name.


Join a hamachi network, click on 'join existing network', or create a new one. I have made 1 network for multiplayer:

name: BLitzkriegMain
pass: blitz

[i]Do note you can only play with people in the same network[/i]. Create a temporary new one if you have too (it's easy), and perhaps delete it afterwards to prevent pollution. Also you can go offline/online in each network, which prevents lag. The blitz official network ismaintained by DirtyHarry, contact him if you can't get access. Inactive players will be removed regularly. Please post a message here if you intend to use our hamachi network - otherwise you could be removed without warning to make room for a player with a request to join.

Do note Hamachi has a limited chat function. Right click on a player allows you to chat. Best to use is xfire, or messenger. Also we use a freeware version, so only a limited amount of players can connect. If you know a better VPN that allows more, please post below. Thanks in advance.


Start blitzkrieg, go into options, and chance your LAN-ip to the hamachi ip (the or something address).


Go to multiplayer in blitzkrieg, and select [b]NETWORK [/b] instead of GAMESPY.
Now you are all set.


Get connected with other players by signing up to the [i] active player list[/i] with your xfire info. Download and install xfire, and add all the people on the active list. Then make a new room in xfire, or join the infamous 'blitz tonite' room. Invite all the friends you see on xfire into the room, and tell them [i] the exact hamachi network + pw they need to join in order to play with you - create [b]a new one[/b] if necessary.[/i]


Go Forth and Lay Waste to your infernal Blitz2 Enemies. Report bugs, suggestions and prayers to Derelict Studios into the <b>Support forums</b>. Have fun! Edited by DirtyHarry

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