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Problems With Startup

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When I click on the Blitzkrieg II: The Finest Hour Icon it takes me to the regular C&C Generals: Zero Hour. It disent even show any signs that the mod is installed. I looked in my First Decade edirectery and it was there so I dont know what to do. Can anybody please help?

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I see none of the TFD people have responded yet. Please do if you read this post. DS doesn't have a copy of TFD.


TFD is not officially supported by DS blitzkrieg 2. However, people managed by and far to make it work on that release of zh.



What you can do is:


see where the icon on your desktop points to. typically, this should be c:\programfiles\eagames\thefirstdecade\blitzkrieg2.exe. if not, then change it to the location your blitzkrieg2.exe is.

mine is ("C:\Program Files\EA Games\Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour\blitzkrieg2.exe") but i have normal zh.


You can also try a complete new install of TFD + updates, blitzkrieg2 and the latest blitz2 patch.


Make sure you have no other mods installed.


Make sure you pointed the blitz install to your TFD directory, and not the default.



Greetings, DirtyHarry.

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