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katmoda 12

Posting A Few Errors

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I've found some errors, i'd not call them bugs:



-The cromwell tank has a apds upgrade but the upgraded fire effect seems to be with white phosphorous (in the manual the right one is WP)

-SAS commandos are able to produce maginot turrets, if they have been destroyed.

-M4 shermans form light factory are different from M4 sherman delivered, you push double E you select the british or the american ones

-Sherman M4A3 Easy eights have the same name of sherman M4A1 if you hover them with the mouse (i don't know if this has been done purposely.

-On AIR 1 the image is the P-47 Thunderbolt, but purchasing it you get the blockbuster bomb upgrade for the De Havilland Mosquito, so the image is devious.

-On AIR 2 the description talk about strategic wings that became more powerful, but purchasing it you get the HVAR upgrade for the P-47 Thunderbolt.



I will continue the list when i find more errors


Thank you again for this astonishing mod.

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Thank you for your bug listing. Very usefull.


Keep up the good work!


A fruitbasket has been dispatched to your location ;)



Gr. DirtyHarry



p.s. there is a support forum where you can post bugs in the future.

Edited by DirtyHarry

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