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Currently DS runs 2 hamachi networks. Those are now being occupied with people that are never online, or active just by themselves. Since there is a population limit for each network, please post a message here if you tend to use those networks and do not wish to be removed. Please exit the networks if you don't want to use them anymore.


If you want to just play with your buddy, and do not wish to post on the forums, you can always create your own (temporary) network.


Inactive players will be removed on a regular basis.


Next weekend, december 5th, i will remove all players that i never saw online.



Gr. DirtyHarry



ps. hamachi is now on version 2, i have been sending messages in chat to players i saw online, but none responded. perhaps it is an incompatibility with the old versions.

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Again there will be a hamachi clean up this weekend.


players never seen playing:









Also there are a nr. of new joiners, that haven't identified themselves, and do not seem to be playing?





We use msn mainly to communicate, see msn accounts on the active player list. Having people online in hamachi that don't respond to chat or anything is confusing, people looking for a game think there are players online but there are not.


Note that if you are removed, you can rejoin at anytime. There is also a 2nd lobby Blitz2 Lobby2, pw blitz.



Gr. DirtyHarry

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