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R3 Maps Review

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Post here please any comments you have on the current maps in R3, and any new maps you might have played. Suggestions, comments, criticism, anything is welcome.



Below are 2 lists i compiled of maps that can go or need to be fixed. I used the following terms with them.



dysfunctional = not working properly with R3 due to issues as bad spots, bad old ini, bad compatibility with the R3 gameplay, bad spot placement/conflict with buildings, etc

outdated = bad compatibility with the R3 gameplay, outdated looks, etc

ugly and uninteresting = maps that can go based on looks and gameplay, aka maps that no-one ever plays




Rough list of maps that can go due to various bugs:


Challenge kursk 1943 - dysfunctional, outdated

Battle of the bulge - dysfunctional, outdated

Cauldron - ugly, uninteresting

Quiet riot - ugly, uninteresting

Allies vs axis coop - dys functional with the new ini (ranges)

Battle of berlin - dysfunctional, outdated

Smolensk pocket - snowbug

Snowblind - snowbug

All out x - ugly, uninteresting

Battle of russia - dysfunctional, bad spots

Germanlands - uninteresting

Heroes in the hedgerows - outdated with the new ini (ranges), uninteresting

Killing fields - outdated, uninteresting

The big one - outdated, newer version available with neo

High bastion of hell - outdated, too many buildings, bad terrain

World war 2 - outdated, newer version available with neo



List of maps that can / should be patched


The bunkers - dysfunctional, no build areas (texture bug)

Groundfire - remove snow

Russo german front - no xp ini

Europe reshrunk - dysfunctional, bad spots

Rodina - remove water (very very ugly, lagging, due to uneven terrain)

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If you have any maps you think worthy of an add to the covenant official listing (one that comes with game), send me it over (Edit: or preferably any blitz official such as Neo or Korona) pm or something and I'll have a look at it. If I like the setup you got; I'll make sure it's setup for R3 gameplay, area around starts large flat and clear of obstacles, buildings setup for proper economy, ini scripts, not having an over-cumbering number of objects, ect. I'll upload it, tie it to a brick and throw it through korona's window several times until he adds it.




Snow effects is cool, doesn't cause the mm. Anyways, for ground fire, I have a summer version of the map which was left out for what ever reason, and rodania isnt even an official map (yet), but you can fix that yourself if youre so concerned, remove the water area, and hunt the scripts down that cause water level to change and remove those bits. I fixed it because I know you're a lazy dick.


All out x was an older map of mine, it was a good map back in the day but R3 changed the dynamics of gameplay, just cut it.


Summer Fire added some tanktraps, weather remains, deal with it harry


Rodina removed lakes (changing water levels) weather remains.

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