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Hi guy's,


I have a couple of remarks, compliments and questions!!! : P


Well It’s been a while I played Blitzkrieg…. But I Finally took the step to download the new version and install it. Applause for myself yeeey ^^ because to install it was a real pain in the *bleep*. (I still have to figure out the patch.)


Now, I extremely like the new music sounds with the speeches!!!

It adds allot of value in my opinion! The tech three is also very interesting its gives a Historic feeling.




I wondered if it could be possible to add the old pincer attack where you could spawn some tanks in the rear of the enemy like in the older versions. I really miss this...

And does the Axis still have the groovy v1 attack??? (I haven’t played the axis yet because I first have to patch up)


And I really love the CPU ^^ but im looking out to play against some human players in the next weeks.


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Welcome to the blitz forums.


Glad u like it. For any help with the installing and patching - see the support forum.

Sorry the pincer has been removed, won't be back anytime soon.

Yes the axis still have the V1 :)



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Welcome back home pinbag boy! Glad you like our new Blitz version! Hope to play you online soon! Just a warning...when you left Abba was the king of the battlefield...now the crown fit to Dirty Harrys head...never play him 1 on 1 unless you forgot what the word "rape" would means ;)

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