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Red Alert 3: Upheaval

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After weeks of work and a lot frustration about non-functioning code the work on Red Alert 3: Upheaval has been finished now.


All eleven buildable Uprising units are now available in Red Alert 3 and work as close as possible to the way they did in Uprising. Also the AI uses the new units! An overview of all contained units is here:



- Cryo Legionnaire

- Future Tank X-1

- Harbinger Gunship

- Pacifier FAV



- Archer Maiden

- Giga-Fortress

- Steel Ronin



- Desolator

- Grinder

- Mortar Cycle

- Reaper


ra3_futuretank1.jpg ra3_sovietupheaval.jpg ra3_gigafortress2.jpg


You can get the download source code and some other pictures of the mod on its ModDB profile.

Keep in mind that you need my Red Alert 3 Mod SDK Extra Files to be able to compile the source code.

Also it would be nice if you credit me when using assets or code pieces of the source code.


I don't guarantee that this mod is free of bugs because there is much Uprising code not working in Red Alert 3. If you find one, please report to me. Anyway, I hope you enjoy and have a lot of fun.



Happy modding


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Thank you for this. On one hand, I would have preferred to pay the company for their work, but on the other hand, EA has a terrible reputation for expansion packs. I still can't convince them that I own ones that I've bought.


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Version 1.05 is live now and just brings some graphical improvements some users requested. No bugs were reported since version 1.04.

I didn't replace Yuriko's effects with the ones from Uprising. I added them to the existing original ones and I think it looks quite nice. Also the Allied Health Tent effect from Uprising has been added.


But the major change is that I reduced the download size of the compiled mod from 187 MB to 118 MB by using XAS compression for the wav audio files.


Maybe the next step is adding the Uprising skirmish maps. I will take a look at it.


ra3_yuriko1.png ra3_yuriko2.png ra3_alliedhealthtent.png

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With some complications I managed to get the Uprising maps working in Red Alert 3. This update comes up with 41 new maps including the 13 bonus maps of Red Alert 3 and the 28 remaining Uprising maps. A full list of all maps is available here.


ra3_holdoutkeep2.png ra3_holdoutkeep1.png


Also I fixed a bug that Giles, Naomi and Zhana didn't build war factories and another one that the Allied health tent was invisible after loading a savegame.

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Since I see the mod as "finished" I had the plan to make a language pack for the people out there in Germany. So, here it is.


In order to make the language pack working I had to change some things on the manifest file of the mod. That's why it is version 1.10. There are no ingame changes compared to version 1.09.

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