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Battlefield Bad Company 2 Server

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You people seem to like games, so I figured I might as well inform you some of your esteemed former comrades, (Mobius, myself, Cylon, etc) have pitched in together and bought a 32 man ranked Bad Company 2 server for at least the next 3 months.


I don't know if any of you were around for the glory days of Battlefield 2, but they can live again my friends, they can live again.


One of the benefits of having our own server is we can do cool things like having reserved slots and such, so if your interested in playing on a server where your always guaranteed a slot, and everyone knows your name like in the hit 1980s American sitcom Cheers, then make sure to check out this place here


Anyhow, server info and shit is below.


October Station



Players: 32 Slots

Location: Seattle

Maplist: Conquest Mode, All Maps


Crosshair: On

Friendly Fire: Off

Kill Cam: On

Mini Map: On

Mini Map Spotting: On






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That's awesome, thanks for doing this. Game's a lot of fun, so I'll be sure to check it out.

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I was on BF2 other day, and while its not AS big as it used to be, its still pretty big, and pretty fun. I didn't even get hit by a claymore once.


But really, this is awesome, and very random. Its like a reunion of DS folks.

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Bad Company was great when you realized how to properly play on. Hiding in the bushes on that golf-course map with my gillie suit on and single-handedly defending a flag point without people knowing what the gently caress was going on was great fun.


I also came across a few situations where, after moving about 300 yards to get away from someone who I'm sure had spotted me I stumble upon an enemy sniper that had been perched there for quite some time and neither of us were any the wiser. I always felt a sense of camaraderie when I stabbed him and when he stumbled upon me in a similar situation and did the same.

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Oh hey, you're beardkill according to the other thread. Cool.


EA Online shat itself again or something, everyone got dumped after you left and I haven't been able to get on since. I'll accept as soon as I can play again. It's a fantastic game, I just wish everything else that came with it worked better (yeah I know, Dice can't make a server broswer, welcome to like 2002... but still)

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