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Ra3: Trinity Defense (r3d)

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Generals, Zero Hour and C&C3 already got their own modifications covering Tower Defence, so why not RA3 as well? This modification features this well known game mode in which you must survive the tides of Creeps with just your towers, secondary abilities and superweapons.


Single & Multiplayer

Being a Multiplayer mod in first place to battle with up to 4 players against the Creeps, R3D also features Singleplayer adjustments to vary the difficulty outcome depending on player count.


Every session differs

Due to many random events there won't be any session completely identical to another one. So it will be slightly harder or easier whenever you start a new TD game.


Define your difficulty preferences

By adjusting starting credits, AI difficulty, TD mode and team setup you can define the difficulty outcome more in depth. Furthermore, you can check the "TD: Training" rule to disable the Lives system. This way you can go on playing even if you reached zero or less Lives when too many Creeps escaped and you can use this to practice and develop strategies for each R3D TD map.



>> For more information, images and stuff, check out the ModDB profile of R3D

>> Discuss and find team mates in the R3D forums

>> Watch the official R3D trailer

>> If you want to play this mod in Skirmish, please read Skirmish Mode Hotfix

>> DOWNLOAD latest Beta version


Have fun!

Feedback and bug reports welcome!



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