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Hey all.


On Friday, I went to the tank museum for my birthday outing.

It was the last day of the summer Tanks in Action arena displays, I was really, really hoping to finally see the Tiger moving under it's own power. Of all the times I've been to see the Tiger, it hasn't moved; either servicing or some kind of breakdown. Sadly, this year was no different. The Tiger was once again, minus it's engine.



Anyway, the reason for the topic was, once again, I took a sneaky peek through the fence at the 'back yard'. Most of what was there from my last visit is still there, but there were a few new entries.


Some may remember from last time I posted up this;


What appeared to be the remains of a Cromwell, looking rather sorry for itself.


This time round it's still there and... well...


It's in there somewhere.


Anyways, parked up next to the old thing were 3 new arrivals.


(note these following images are big)


First up appears to be an early M4 Sherman. Note the extra armour plates welded to the sides.

Sherm1.jpg Sherm2.jpg

It's missing it's turret, as well as several road wheels, half of it's suspension fittings, the engine, both idlers and one and a half drive sprockets.


Parked next to it, facing the other way, was this one.


It appears to be a much later Sherman, note the HVSS. But what I thought was odd about this one was half the hull seems to have been cut away and there is what is left of some kind of superstructure. Also note the barrel holder at the front is clearly for a much larger gun than you'd normally find on a Sherman.


And finally, this one.


This is quite the oddity. Viewed from the back in this photo, the hulk seems to be devoid of all the suspension fittings (at least I couldn't see any among the undergrowth) and on top it had that strange yellow superstructure you may have noticed in the previous photos.


Any ideas what those last two could be?


So, ending the post with a couple more photos of things half-heartedly hidden in the yard;

yard1.jpg yard2.jpg


If you want these images bigger, PM...

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I saw a King Tiger in the Panzermuseum in Munster, and it too was devoid of any engine sadly. Would be nice to see these monsters really move :)

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Can't think of a better birthday present :P


That mystery sherman could be an M40?


The second one, yeah it could be...

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