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Blitz New Patch Preview 4

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Type of maps:

1- Mission maps

2- Coop maps

3- Challenge maps

4- Multi-players maps


1. Mission maps: A solo map with epic battles. Units are delivered or built.

2. Coop maps: 2 or 3 players working together to win against the enemy controlled by an AI. You can build units.

3. Challenge maps: Multi-player maps with pre-built units on it. You can also build units.

4. Multi-player maps: For 2 to 6 players. You start from the scratch with minimal units and buildings.


Here we have the new multi-players maps included in the next patch:




Rodina (from Comrade Raptorkov) Dense city meets sparse village farmland in this slice of the motherland. Up to 5 players battle it out for the lush land between 2 deserts. Good for 3 or more player FFA, 3 player spawns located in the dense city to the south, 2 spawns in the wide open fields to the north, features cool dynamic weather.




SummerFire 2: Trident, (from Comrade Raptorkov) It's summer once again, this map's diverse terrain and layout will test your endurance and strategic decision making. Here you will find a tightly packed industrial city which just pumps out cash, with sparse farming towns, rolling hills, wide meadows, sharp cliffs with a river laying right in the middle. Features a day/night cycle using black and white mode, and random weather. Overall a huge 3 player map featuring an epic landscape with cities and towns. Many tactical and strategic opportunities and loads of cash.




Africa1939 (from Neo): A 3 player map with basic pre-built defense. Money comes mainly from the 2 capturable harbors on the sides of the map and from the village on a hill in the middle of the map.




Eastern Europe (from Neo): A 5 player map where income is provided from different types of resources: coal mines, oil fields, wheat fields, iron mines, etc. The map is best suited for 3 vs 2 match ups.


And finally we have these good old multi-palyers maps:




Europe re-shrunk (from Dr.Shrinker edited by Feuersturm and later by Neo): A classic map from the “good old days’”. This map had some modifications to fit with the new Blitz gameplay. This is a 7 player map with lots of details and nice texture work.




High Bastion of Hell (from Dr.Shrinker): Originally a 6 player map, now a 4 player map (2vs2) with lots of hills and nice passages.




Smolensk Pocket (from Dr.Shrinker): A 3 player FFA map with the usual nice village set up from Dr Shrinker




Romania 1939 (from Dr.Shrinker): A 7 player map (or FFA for 3 players) with nice villages and hills

Edited by Neo

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Route66 (from DirtyHarry) A sleepy American town ready for destruction, 2 - 4 players




The Dutch Mountains (from DirtyHarry) A 4 player extremely low lag map, representing the famous Dutch Mountains




The Lost War (from DirtyHarry) East Germany at the time of the Axis collapse, 2 - 7players. Conquer what you can as Russia or the Allies, defend as Germany.




Panzer Heaven (from DirtyHarry) A vast desert map for 4-8 players with many small towns. Ideal for tank warfare. Flag buildings pop up randomly!




Mussolini's Madness (from DirtyHarry) King of the Hill map, 4-5 players. Mussolini attemtped to construct a modern city in the Libian desert. Now it's your turn to mess things up.




Middle East 1942 (from Neo) A 4 players free for all map with the Caucasus oil fields, Irak, Turkey and Iran




RussoGermanFront (from Neo edited by Dr,Shrinker): Another classical map from the past. A 2 vs 2 battle with cities from Poland and USSR




The Bunkers (from Neo) Desert and....88mm guns in bunkers!

Edited by Neo

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Autumn Hill: (from Hawk) An old 8 player countryside map with villages on the perimeter of the map. Good for FFA games.




Snow Blind (from Dr Shrinker) Somewhere during winter...a small FFA map with a little village in the middle.




Paris: (from Hawk, edited by Dr Shrinker and Neo) A old 5 players map (3vs2). This map was resized to fit with the new Blitz II weapons system.




Egyptian Passage: (from Dr Shrinker) An old 4 players map with a huge pyramid in the middle. The small size of the map is not best for the build up of massive armies but the nice building set up provides non stop action.

Edited by Neo

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Don't I get a tad little credit? Europe Reshrunk was revamped by me, doing updates to the bridges, adding the islands, Africa (giving Italy and Spain that 2nd flank they needed), paradrop-taking towns, ect. :( Maybe I get the little 'edited by Feuersturm?' tag on it? :P


Anyway, I have a to-scale Europe map that is pretty good, if you want to edit it to make it more compatible with the new Blitz2 gameplay. It used to be pretty decent, but people were having a hard time spawning in Italy as I made terrain realistic (aka Swiss mountains, Romania and Hungary had mountains and hills, ect.) Design philosophy behind it was: Modeling real life, as the Axis players move east, it becomes harder and harder to cover the entire front statically. This allows the Soviet players to move and encircle positions through unguarded points in the Axis lines. The closer you get to Berlin, the less space there is to move around. The map was designed to take place in the 'middle ground' of the two. If you are interested in seeing it, just PM me. I have 2 versions, Rivers frozen over and rivers with water.


Nice to see some classic maps up there. Brings back memories :)

Edited by Feuersturm

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