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New Version Of My "sdk Extras" C&c3/ra3/c&c4 Tools Available

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I have just uploaded a new version of my "SDK Extras" C&C3/RA3/C&C4 tools available at www.cncmods.net

Changes in the new version:

binview will now extract AudioFile assets containing EALayer3 audio (BIG thankyou to Ben Moench for figuring out the inner secrets of this format). It will now handle uncompressed audio, EA XAS ADPCM audio and EALayer3 audio (in the 3 known variants). It handles both streamed and non-streamed data.

StreamGetCdataSize has been fixed to work for files stored locally on disk (as opposed to just files stored in a .big file)

Also, everything has been updated to use Visual C++ 2010.


Please let me know what you think. And if you find an AudioFile asset that my tools cant handle (crash, error, incorrect output etc) please let me know so I can fix the bug.


Next on my list is to figure out the format of .mus files. .mus files are created by a tool we dont have and used as input to the SDK asset compiler as part of a PathMusicTrack asset. (a compiled PathMusicTrack asset is essentially the contents of the .mus file stored in the .cdata file for the asset) They contain EALayer3 compressed audio plus other unknown data. Figuring out the format will allow people to replace music in RA3 (once someone writes an EALayer3 encoder that is which is not as simple as it sounds)


Also, if you didnt already see it, the previous version added C&C4 support and can read textures and audio from C&C4.

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