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Sing. Playr Axis Mission 8 Error

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Well, serious errors can come from a number of things:


1. Your pc blew up.


2. A fault in the script of the map - but that would generally cause alot of people to have this problem.


3. PC not matching required specs for the game, sometimes the ZH engine, specially with blitz, can create moments of extremely high demand on your hardware, recommended 3ghz processor with 2 gigs of free ram (By looking at your screenshot, i noticed your desktop is full of icons. Same for the taskbar. People with this many icons usually also have a high number of useless programms installed that run in the background. Also you are running 2 other main programs at the time of playing blitz).


4. Other mods installed


5. Separate ini files installed in data\ini folder in ZH dir.



I have played that mission a good few times and never had an error before. So it might be hard to find if it is the map itself.

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DirtyHarry is rigth. I would add to this that all missions were tested many times by many players up to the final release version. Si i'm tempted to point out the 3rd, 4th or 5th thing on DirtyHarry list!

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Showing on a public forum a screencap of your desktop containing an image labeled "dildo" and another labeled "gay_gaped_ass_02" is a fail to match Mehman's standards. You two would probably get on well.

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